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Bulk SMS Messages only deliver to MTN numbers with registered sender IDs.

Due to the increase in the volume of fraudulent text messages that some unscrupulous customers (popularly known as fraudsters or 419) are sending, MTN Nigeria compelled us to ask our esteemed customers who send legitimate messages to submit as many sender IDs as they want for registration.


Please, note that your messages will not be delivered to MTN recipients if your sender ID has not been registered, but your credit will be deducted.


Therefore, we advise that you don't send a message on our platform if you have not confirmed that your sender ID has been successfully registered to avoid wasting your hard-earned money unnecessarily.


To know if your sender ID has been registered, you will need to test your proposed sender ID to confirm if it has been successfully registered or not.


To test your sender IDs, to know if it has been successfully registered, use the sender ID in question to send a message to two or three MTN numbers. You will get the message delivered and see your customized sender ID displayed on the MTN numbers if your sender ID has been successfully registered and the MTN number(s) in question is/are not on Do-Not-Disturb (DND). If the message is not delivered, there is a high possibility that the sender ID has not been registered or it is a new sender ID which you also need to register or the MTN number(s) that you are using to run the test is/are on Do-Not-Disturb (DND).


Temporarily, you can click PRSI to see the list of our 74 pre-registered sender IDs like IMPORTANT, REMINDER, BELOVED, PASTOR, SCHOOL FEE and more which you can use as your sender ID while you are waiting for your own submitted customized sender IDs to be registered.


The registration process will take between 24 and 72 hours (excluding weekends) before you can get the submitted sender IDs registered and displayed on recipients' MTN numbers. You should confirm that your sender ID has been registered before sending the messages in order not to waste your SMS credits. If the sender IDs are/is not registered after 24 hours, you will need to allow more time for our SMS aggregator to register the sender IDs and run the test again after another 24 hours. The registration process is taking a long time now because the process just started a few months ago.


Remember to make sure that the sender ID to be submitted for registration is not more than 11 characters long. Also avoid the use of special characters like _,+,!,*,&,#,@,-,$, etc in your proposed sender ID. Any sender ID that is submitted twice or more will be seen as spam and it will not be submitted for registration.


Also, in your sender ID, avoid the use of a government agent/institutions' name or abbreviations, banks' names or abbreviations, big companies' names or abbreviations and international companies/institutions' names or abbreviations. Your sender ID will not be registered if it contains any of the names or abbreviations.


In addition, we want you to know that sender ID registration does not overrule the existing DND policy. This simply means that numbers on DND will still not receive the messages that you are sending with your registered sender ID. The only solution to the DND issue is the DND deactivation of the number(s) in question.


Kindly fill the form below to submit a sender ID at a time for registration.

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