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Bulk SMS schedule feature makes it possible to program your message to be delivered at a later date. There are various reasons to learn how to schedule bulk SMS. We want to ensure that you get value for your money by making sure that your primary motive for choosing SMS schedule option is fulfilled.

To Schedule Bulk SMS on this platform, you have to first of all register with us and activate your bulk SMS account. After then, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on COMPOSE SMS

Step 2: Enter your customised SENDER ID which must not be more than 11 characters in length in the box tagged "Sender ID". This customized sender ID is what will appear on your recipients' phones when your message is delivered.

Step 3: Type or Copy and paste the entire contact phone numbers that you want to send your message to in the box tagged "DESTINATION NUMBERS" There are two ways you can use to arrange the numbers.  It is either you type the numbers one after the other on the same line and separate them by a comma. This is commonly referred to as Comma-Separated Values (CSV). Or you type one number per line which will make the numbers to be in a column form.

Step 4: Type or copy and paste your message contents into the box tagged "TYPE A MESSAGE". This is the content that your recipients will read as the main message which must contain the main motive for sending the message. The total character length for a page of SMS is 160. Once your character length is 161, it shows that you have entered the second page and what you will be charged will be doubled.


You have to make sure that you do not copy your contact phone numbers or message contents from Microsoft Word or Excell to avoid irregularities in bulk SMS delivery. If you already have your contents, either phone numbers or message contents, in Microsoft Word or Excell, what you just have to do is to copy and paste in NOTEPAD. Then, save it as a text file. You can now open the text file, copy the contents and paste in the appropriate box.

Step 5: Click on "SEND LATER". This will avail you the options that you need to schedule your message to be sent at a later date. The options that are required to specify the delivery date are:

1) The exact DAY of the month that you want the message to be sent. Click the first box (drop-down box) to select the day of your choice.

2) The MONTH that you want the message to be sent. Click the second box (drop-down box) to select the month of your choice.

3) The YEAR that you want the message to be sent. By default, what you will see there is "IGNORE". You have to click on "IGNORE" to see the years to choose from. Then, select the year of your choice.

4) The last option is the specific TIME that you want the message to be sent. Our site uses 24 hours format. Therefore, you have to click on the HOUR (left side) and type the hour of your choice between 00 and 23 hours. Also, you have to click on the MINUTES (right side) and type the minutes of your choice between 00 and 59 minutes.

Step 6: You can now click on "SEND SMS". Your bulk SMS text message will be sent and delivered based on the parameters that you selected above.


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