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5 Simple Steps That You Need To Take To Send Bulk SMS

To send bulk SMS messages, simply click REGISTER, fill out the fields, confirm your email account, login-in and update your new account to start sending messages to all GSM networks in Nigeria.


Detailed step-by-step information on how you can send bulk SMS messages on our platform


Step 1: Click "Register", then you fill in your personal data (as required). You will also see a CAPTCHA on the registration form to confirm if you are human, do mark the box accordingly and select the appropriate images only if you are asked to do so. After then, click "Register" to submit your registration form.

Step 2: Activate the newly created bulk SMS account - Check your e-mail inbox for a welcome e-mail from SmsMobile24. You have to click the activation link in the welcome e-mail to verify your e-mail address, which is part of the prerequisites that must be fulfilled.

NOTE: You will not be allowed to login if you have not activated your newly created bulk SMS account as explained above and you only click on the activation link just once. The link will continue giving you error messages if you click on it again after the first time.

Step 3: Log-in to your bulk SMS account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Step 4: Enter your GSM number and Date of Birth once a popup prompts you to do so to proceed.


Send Text Message

Step 5:Now, you can test our bulk SMS gateway with the 3 free units of bulk SMS given to every new bulk SMS account. You can only use these free units to send a page of a text message to a single GSM number. You will have to pay for bulk SMS to send your messages to multiple numbers after testing our platform with the free SMS units.

Click "Compose SMS" by the left-hand side of the screen under the MEMBERS MENU from wherever you are on this platform and follow the instructions below:

a) Sender ID - Click PRSI to choose from our list of 79 preregister sender IDs to use as your sender ID to test our SMS delivery. Note that you must submit sender IDs for registration before you can use it to get your message delivered. Sender  ID is the name your recipients will see on their mobile phones when your bulk SMS text message is delivered. Your sender ID must be Alphabets/Alphanumeric. Please, do not use telephone number as your sender ID. The sender ID must not exceed 11 characters in length.

b) Destination Numbers - This is the box where you enter your recipients' mobile telephone numbers. You can type your multiple numbers directly in this box and separate them by a comma or type on Notepad. If you type on the notepad, copy from notepad and paste in the box using either 0803xxxxxxx or 234803xxxxxxx format.

Warning: Do not copy your mobile phone numbers from Microsoft World or Excel to avoid a delivery problem. If you already have your mobile phone numbers on Micro-soft Word or Excel, just copy them, paste on NOTEPAD and save it as a notepad file (text file).

After then, you can open the newly created NOTEPAD file (text file), copy the numbers and paste them in the box for "Destination numbers".

c) TYPE A MESSAGE - This is where you type or paste your message content. Do not copy your message content from micro-soft Word. We recommend NOTEPAD to avoid having a delivery problem. You can follow the process in Step 5(b) above if you already have your message typed on Micro-soft Word.

d) SEND SMS - After following the procedures above, the next thing is to click "SEND SMS" and the message will be delivered instantly. Ensure you send the message to your personal mobile phone number first. With this, you will be able to confirm delivery and cross-check the content of the SMS message.

Please, note that the explanation on how to send bulk SMS differs from one platform to the other.

Click Register to get started. For further assistance call 07033141373.

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