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Are you thinking of how to buy bulk SMS? It is our pleasure to inform you that we accept all the means of making payment in Nigeria and we have grouped them into 3 different means of making payment. They are Cash Deposit, Transfer and Cheque Deposit. You can use a payment option whenever you want to pay for bulk SMS.


How To Make Cash Deposit For Bulk SMS

1) Click on PRICING at the upper part of this bulk SMS website to copy our bank account details for payment purpose.

2) Go to any branch of GTBank or Zenith Bank around your area.

3) Ask for a deposit slip in the banking hall.

4) Make sure you write your USERNAME as DEPOSITOR'S NAME in clear and bold capital letters when you are filling the deposit slip. If the cashier asks you to write your personal name, you can just open a bracket after writing your username and write either your first name or middle name and then close the bracket.

For instance, let's say my username is GOLD4ALL and my full name is Adeyemi James ADEOJO. If I want to make payment for bulk SMS and the cashier asks me to add my personal name, I will just write my username first, open bracket, write JAMES and then close the bracket like this - GOLD4ALL (JAMES).

Your bulk SMS account will be credited with SMS equivalent immediately when your payment reflects in any of our bank accounts and you will receive an automated e-mail and SMS alert to notify you after your bulk SMS account is credited.


The username is what we use to credit bulk SMS account because it is the means of identification on our bulk SMS platform. Therefore, ensure that you always use your username to make payment to avoid unnecessary stress and delay.


How To Make Transfer For Bulk SMS

There are various ways of making a transfer. What you just need to do when you are processing the transfer is to ensure that you type your USERNAME in the available space for NARRATION/REMARK/PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION/REFERENCE/COMMENT, etc depending on the bank that you are transferring from because the USERNAME is your means of identification on our bulk SMS website.

For instance, let's assume that my username on this bulk SMS platform is GREATDKING. I will type in only GREATDKING when I am processing the transfer in the available space for NARRATION/REMARK/PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION/REFERENCE/ COMMENT. After confirming the payment, GREATDKING account will be credited with bulk SMS equivalent.


If you are using other means of making transfers that do not have any available space to type your USERNAME, what you need to do after making the transfer is to visit our Payment Issues page and follow the required instruction based on the means of making the payment that you use. Please endeavour to read and follow the instruction carefully on that page to avoid any form of delay.


How To Pay For Bulk SMS With ATM CARD (ATM Transfer)

You can also buy bulk SMS anytime or any day you want including weekends using Quickteller. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Go to the nearest ATM, anyone with Quickteller feature.
  2. Insert your ATM card and enter your PIN as usual
  3. Select “Quickteller” from the available options
  4. Choose Fund Transfer
  5. Then select “Interbank Transfers”
  6. Choose the bank you want to transfer the money into. In this case, you select either Zenith Bank or GTBank (the bank we use)
  7. Then select your own account type (Current, Savings or Card)
  8. You will be prompted to select the account type of the recipient (choose “Current” because our two bank accounts are current accounts).
  9. Proceed to enter our bank account number.
  10. Cross-check and Confirm whether everything is correct, then make the payment.


How To Pay For Bulk SMS With A Cheque

If you are depositing a cheque into any of our bank accounts for bulk SMS, you need to write Derams And Realities World as the beneficiary when filling the cheque. Deposit it into our bank account. Send us the following details via a text message to 08034207834 after depositing a cheque into our bank account:

a) Payment Date

b) The account name inscribed on the cheque

c) The amount on the cheque

d) Your USERNAME on our bulk SMS platform


You will only be credited when your cheque is matured in case you deposit other bank's cheque. You can only get your bulk SMS account credited on that same day if you deposit, for instance, a Zenith bank Cheque to our Zenith bank account or a GTBank Cheque into our GTBank account.

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