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We thank you for the interest that you show in the FLAT RATE alternative provision which we made available for those who don't understand the pricing concept on Smsmobile24.Com or those who just prefer one-for-one pricing for proper and better accountability purposes.

The cost per page of SMS on the alternative platform is N1.95kobo. One (1) SMS is charged to deliver a page of SMS to any Nigeria GSM network.


There some important information about the new platform. Here are the details:

1) You have to register on the platform (FLAT RATE alternative platform), whether you are an existing user or a new user on SmsMobile24.Com

2) SMS units in existing user's account on SmsMobile24.Com cannot be transferred to the account on the alternative platform.

3) The least amount we accept as a payment for bulk SMS on the new platform is N1,950 for 1,000 SMS. Please note that any payment less than N1,950 for SMS on the new platform will not be attended to.

4) Our FLAT RATE alternative platform does not deliver messages to the numbers on Do-Not-Disturb (DND). It only delivers messages to the numbers that are not on DND. You just need to send ALLOW to 2442 to remove a number from DND so that the number in question can be receiving messages from any bulk SMS website.


If you are still interested in using our FLAT RATE alternative platform, please click Bulk SMS Nigeria to proceed

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