Due to the increase in the volume of fraudulent text messages that some unscrupulous customers (fraudsters/419) are sending on this platform, we have decided to call on our esteemed customers who send legitimate messages to submit as many sender ID as they want for registration


Please, note that your messages will not be delivered if your sender ID has not been registered, but your credit will be deducted.


Therefore, we advise that you don't send a message on our platform if you have not confirmed that your sender ID has been successfully registered to avoid wasting your hard-earned money unnecessarily.


To know if your sender ID has been registered, you will need to test your proposed sender ID to confirm if it has been successfully registered or not.


To test your sender IDs, to know if it has been successfully registered, use the sender ID to send a message to two different networks, like MTN and 9mobile or MTN and Glo or 9mobile and Glo. If your sender ID has been successfully registered, you will get the message delivered and see your customized sender ID displayed on one or both networks. If the message is not delivered, there is a high possibility that the sender ID has not been registered or it is a new sender ID which you also need to register.


The registration process will take about 48 hours before you can get the submitted sender IDs registered and displayed on recipients' telephones. You should confirm that your sender ID has been registered before sending the messages in order not to waste your SMS credits.


In addition, please make sure that all the sender IDs to be submitted for registration are not more than 11 characters length, including space and/or special characters like _,+,!,*,&,#,@,-,$, etc. Any sender ID that is submitted twice or more, or longer than 11 characters length will be ignored and it will not be registered.


Kindly fill the form below to submit all your sender IDs for registration. You just need to separate the sender IDs with a comma.

Your Username*
Enter Sender IDs*Give us all sender ID That You Use For Your Messages and Separate them with a comma.
Active Telephone Number*
Submit Sender IDs For Registration For Security Reasons

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Sender ID Registration For SMS Delivery To Mobile Telephone Numbers in Nigeria
It is mandatory to register sender IDs before you can get a message delivered on our SMS platform. Every sender ID to be used must be registered with our SMS aggregator service provider. Your message will not be delivered if the sender ID is not registered.
As a new user, to test SMS delivery on our platform, use SMSMOBILE as the sender ID for your message content and send it to one of your GSM telephone numbers. Once the message is delivered, you can go ahead to submit sender IDs that you proposed to be using in sending your messages on this platform.

How To Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria

There are a few steps to take when you want to send bulk SMS text messages on a platform. You can follow the details below when you want to use our platform for instant bulk messaging. What you need is an internet-enabled device. It could be a mobile device or a standard computer (laptop or desktop).

Bulk SMS Nigeria organization is Nigeria's leading bulk SMS service provider that offers a reliable and guaranteed instant SMS delivery. Sign up free now.

8 Steps On How To Send Bulk SMS

1st Step: Click Register or Create an account. Enter personal details to register.
2nd Step: Look out for an activation email in your email box. Open it to click the activation link.
3rd Step: Log in with username and password. A message will come up to ask you to add more details. Enter the details to complete the process.
4th Step: Click Compose SMS in Members Menu.
5th Step: Enter Sender ID on Compose SMS page.
6th Step: Enter recipients mobile phone numbers.
7th Step: Type or paste message content in the message box.
8th Step: Click Send SMS.


Bank Account Details For Payment

Bulk SMS Nigeria - Send bulk SMS in Nigeria on our award-winning SMS gateway. We offer unbeatable text message prices from 65kobo/SMS unit. Sign up now.

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Name: Derams And Realities World

Account Number: 0011422586

Please note:

  • The minimum amount we accept for cash deposit or transfer is N500.
  • In addition, N50 Stamp Duty will be deducted from any cash or transfer up to N10,000.
  • Please, after making a payment, fill the payment notification form to get your account credited.
  • Traditionally, we encourage users to use username as the narration/comment/description/remark when making a transfer or username as the depositor's name for a cash deposit in the bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your SMS messaging service?

You have to create an account on our text-messaging website. It takes less than 2 minutes to create an account. It is free. Click 'Register', fill the spaces and submit it. You need to activate the account. After then, you will be able to log-in and send SMS messages.


Can I get free units to test your bulk SMS service?

After creating an account, you will see 3 free SMS units. The free SMS is for a test to a GSM number.


What is the cost of a page of SMS?

Our bulk SMS price is the cheapest. We use a flexible SMS pricing idea on our text messaging site. The price reduces as the volume increases. It means that the higher the volume, the lower the bulk SMS price. You will see the table for prices here.


Where do I see your bank account details?

We have our bank account details on the page for prices.


Is the ATM card payment safe?

It is 99.9% safe. Log-in to your account and click Buy SMS. You will see it under the Members Menu. Continue with the process to use your ATM card details to pay.


Do I need to wait for long to get my bulk SMS account credited?

You will be credited when the payment reflects in our bank account. Click on Payment Issues, if not credited within 15 minutes, to submit payment details.


What is the expiry time for your SMS units?

Our bulk text messaging units do not expire. It will remain in your account for as long as it takes to finish it.


Where do I see my balance?

Log-in to your account and you will see your balance. You can also click Compose SMS to see your balance.


Is there a limit to the mobile phone numbers I can send a text message to?

No limit. You can send a text message to as many GSM numbers as you want. The account balance of your SMS units is your limit.


What mobile phone number format can I use?

The phone numbers must be on Notepad (text file). Separate the numbers with a comma or arrange in a column. Our application will sort the numbers and get the text message delivered. Type the telephone numbers in either of the following formats: 0803000000 or 2348030000000. Please, do not make a mistake of using the format like 8030000000 or 23408030000000.


Why do I have to enter my mobile telephone number to use your bulk messaging platform?

We need your mobile phone number to update you. Please note, it is not for any other purpose. We do not sell or share users' phone numbers.


What is the least volume I can buy?

The least volume of SMS units you can buy is 500. We accept payment of N500 upward. Please, do not pay less than N500.


What can I do if I forget my password?

You can click on Forgot Your Password on the bulk SMS log in page. Enter your account's e-mail address to reset your password.


Where do I get your Reseller plans?

You can get our reseller plans on the resellers' page.


What if I need only your SMS API?

Our bulk messaging API links are permanently on the "Use API" page.


The SMS message I sent has not delivered. What can I do?

Please contact us if your message is not delivered within 5 minutes.


What do you mean by DND?

DND means Do Not Disturb. DND is what NCC used to control unwanted text messages. It only affects text messages from SMS websites to GSM numbers. GSM phone users have the freedom to allow or block text messages. Please read this post for details on DND.


May I know what to do to Deactivate DND?

You need to click here to deactivate DND.


Is there any other thing I need to know?

Please, call our customer care number if you remember additional questions to ask. You can talk to us about your SMS needs or area of concern. Feel free to ask us for what you want today. We are here to serve you. You can call us on the phone if you need more details. We would be glad to help you to achieve your business goals.


Distinctive Attributes

  • Our website has been reconstructed completely to make sure your SMS will deliver swiftly.
  • Presently, we have direct connections with all the GSM operators in Nigeria.
  • We have also started working on integrating delivery reports.
  • The new website comes with a large number of surprising attributes and was reconstructed to be trouble-free to utilize.
  • In addition, we have a referrer plan which allows you to make money by referring 1 to 5 customers to us.

Don't worry about a thing, as far as bulk SMS is concerned, we take care of everything.

Register an account with us now and begin sending text messages for FREE to run a test.
Registration is trouble-free and it's just a matter of a few seconds.

SmsMobile24 is owned by Derams And Realities World, a firm duly registered with CAC with Registration No: CRBN 007188. Derams And Realities World's Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 11302777-0001. Our business name was registered in 2010 and we started rendering bulk SMS service in 2011.


We provide bulk SMS service in Nigeria with experienced staff, working around the clock to provide an outstanding service to our esteemed customers. SmsMobile24.Com has 78, 823 registered bulk SMS users as of March 03, 2020; 13:39.

Our gateway/website delivers SMS to all networks in Nigeria in less than 2 seconds.

We are Nigeria's leading Bulk SMS gateway service provider.

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