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Use our cheap bulk messaging platform to learn how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria

Bulk Messaging in Nigeria

We welcome you to our bulk messaging website in Nigeria. Our bulk SMS service in Nigeria is as low as 65kobo/unit. Buy and send bulk SMS @ cheap rate on our SMS gateway. We render the best Bulk SMS service in Nigeria.
Smsmobile24 is the Nigerians' preferred bulk SMS service provider. It enables users to send SMS messages to bulk numbers. Our bulk SMS prices are within the range of 65kobo and 97kobo per unit. The volume determines the price.Our bulk SMS service uses a stable foreign bulk SMS gateway. We send bulk SMS text messages to GSM networks in Nigeria.
The situation in Nigeria increases the demand for cheap bulk SMS. We see it as a clarion call for us to render a cheap SMS service. Our reliable bulk messaging platform gives more value for money. We offer the cheapest prices to both the users and resellers. Our resellers use bulk SMS API. The least volume we sell is 500 units of SMS and there is no maximum limit.
Nigeria Bulk SMS Service will help you to accomplish promotion blueprint. This will create awareness in the target market and boost sales. It will make you interact with a new customer base.


Bulk SMS Messages

Research showed that Americans check their phones up to 80 times a day. This gives an account of why open rates for bulk SMS marketing is about 82%. It means the recipients will open the SMS when delivered.
Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria requires image. This image shows what we do on our bulk SMS platform.


Our main Service is the sending of bulk SMS. Bulk SMS turns out to be an important business promotional mix. It is a valuable marketing tool. Users send SMS in Nigeria to deliver promotional messages. It is used to send text messages to target customers. SMS text messages encourage recipients to take action. Bulk text message needs have given SMS a global acceptance.


There is an increasing need for a fast and effective bulk messaging website to send bulk SMS. This makes our bulk SMS service necessary to send SMS text messages. We provide excellent SMS service in Nigeria. Our users are more than 78,683. We have 9 years of experience in sending SMS messages.


Our mission is to provide the cheapest bulk SMS service in Nigeria. We are committed to providing a reliable bulk messaging service. Our user-friendly website helps users on how to send bulk SMS messages. We care for users on our bulk text messaging platform.


Users send bulk SMS text messages with no fear on our SMS platform. They have trust in our bulk text messaging service. Our bulk messaging platform has 100% message delivery rate. No shortfalls in delivery. We guarantee instant text message delivery at the cheapest rates. Our rate comes down as volume goes up. Open an account with us today. It is free.


How To Send Bulk SMS Messages

There are a few steps to take when you want to send bulk SMS text messages. Follow the details below when you want to use our platform. What you need is an internet-enabled device. It could be a mobile device or a standard computer (laptop or desktop).
We make it simple to know how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria. Our bulk SMS platform is fast and reliable.


8 Steps On How To Send Bulk SMS

1st Step: Click Register or Create an account. Enter personal details to register.
2nd Step: Look out for an activation email in your email box. Open it to click the activation link.
3rd Step: Log in with username and password. A message will come up to ask you to add more details. Enter the details to complete the process.
4th Step: Click Compose SMS in Members Menu.
5th Step: Enter Sender ID on Compose SMS page.
6th Step: Enter recipients telephone numbers.
7th Step: Type or paste message content in the message box.
8th Step: Click Send SMS.
Nigeria Bulk SMS requires the main step . A reliable bulk SMS service provider is needed to get value for money. Nigeria is a rich land for bulk SMS business.


How To Buy SMS

We offer more than one price rate on SmsMoble24. This pricing idea makes sure that users only pay for what they use.

There are many ways to pay in Nigeria. You can use the option you want to pay.

Users can choose from:

1) Cash Deposit

2) An ATM Transfer

3) Internet Banking Transfer

4) Voguepay

5) Mobile Money Transfer

6) Mobile App Transfer

7) Code


Cash Deposit

Steps to follow to make an error-free cash payment:

1) Write down our GT Bank or Zenith Bank account details.

2) Write username as Depositor Name in the bank.

3) Write the username in capital letters on the bank slip.

4) You will be credited when payment enters our bank account.


Online Payment

You can use Online Banking Transfer to pay into our bank account.

What you need to know are:

1) Type Username in the space for comment. A space for Remark is for comment on GT Bank platform. Use it to show your username.

2) Our Site uses Username to know who you are.

3) Suppose your username is Famous. Type Famous in the space for comment.

4) Your account will be credited when your payment enters our bank account.


Bank Account Details For Payment:

Our GTBank Account details for bulk text message service

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Name: Derams And Realities World

Account Number: 0011422586


Third-party Payment Processor

We accept Voguepay. This is another way to pay with ATM card details.

What you need to know are:

1) This is automated. It does not need manual effort to credit users.

2) Users accounts are credited when the payment process ends.

3) Click Buy SMS under the Members Menu to use this option.


Payment Issues

Our company accepts all the means of making payment in Nigeria. Many payments related issues come up in the text messaging business. This is because customers need to use a username to pay.

As a result of this, Smsmobile24 provides payment details' forms. This is to ensure that you get your account credited. We have different payment details forms to resolve payment issues.


Bulk Text Messaging Problem in Nigeria

The introduction of Do Not Disturb (DND) is a problem. Bulk text messaging service was not settled for some months. DND affects sending of bulk messages via online SMS gateway to some Nigeria numbers. We have more details about it on our blog page. The articles give more information on DND.


What Are You Waiting For? This is the best time to use our cheap SMS website. Open a free account. Start using our website today.


Our bulk messaging platform supports any volume of bulk GSM Numbers. You can send a text message to as many GSM numbers as you want. What you have left in your account does not expire.


Reaching out to your recipients through SmsMobile24 is a good way to success. Do business with us today to be part of your success story.


SMS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your bulk text messaging service?

You have to create an account on our text-messaging website. It takes less than 2 minutes to create an account. It is free. Click 'Register', fill the spaces and submit it. You need to activate the account. After then, you will be able to log-in and send SMS messages.


Can I get free units to test your bulk SMS service?

After creating an account, you will see 3 free SMS units. The free SMS is for a test to a GSM number.


What is the cost of a page of SMS?

Our bulk SMS price is the cheapest. We use a flexible SMS pricing idea on our bulk text messaging site. The price reduces as the volume increases. It means that the higher the volume, the lower the bulk SMS price. You will see the table for prices here.


Where do I see your bank account details?

We have our bank account details on the page for prices.


Is the ATM card payment safe?

It is 99.9% safe. Log-in to your account and click Buy SMS. You will see it under the MEMBERS MENU. Continue with the process to use your ATM card details to pay.


Do I need to wait for long to get my bulk SMS account credited?

You will be credited when the payment reflects in our bank account. Click on Payment Issues if not credited within 15 minutes.


What is the expiry time for your SMS units?

Our bulk text messaging units do not expire. It will remain in your account for as long as it takes to finish it.


Where do I see my balance?

Log-in to your account and you will see your balance. You can click Compose SMS to see your balance.


Is there a limit to the GSM numbers I can deliver a text message to?

No limit. You can deliver a text message to as many numbers as you want. The balance of your text message units is your limit.


What phone number format can I use?

The phone numbers must be on Notepad (text file). Separate the Phone numbers with a comma or arrange in a column. Our application will sort the numbers and get the text message delivered. Type the numbers in either of the following formats: 0803000000 or 2348030000000. Please, do not make a mistake of using the format like 8030000000 or 23408030000000.


Why do I have to enter my phone number to use your bulk messaging Platform?

We need your phone number to update you. Please note, it is not for any other purpose. We do not sell or share users' phone numbers. It is illegal.


What is the least volume I can buy?

The least volume of SMS units you can buy is 500. We accept payment of N500 upward. Please, do not pay less than N500.


What can I do if I forget my password?

You can click on Forgot Your Password below the login form. Enter your account's e-mail address to reset your password.


Where do I get your Reseller plan?

You can get our reseller plans on the reseller page.


The SMS messages I sent has not delivered. What can I do?

Please contact us if your messages are not delivered within 5 minutes.


What do you mean by DND?

DND means Do Not Disturb. DND is what NCC used to control unwanted text messages. It only affects text messages from SMS websites to GSM numbers. GSM phone users have the freedom to allow or block text messages. Please read this post for details on DND.


May I know what to do to Deactivate DND?

You need to click here to deactivate DND.


Is there any other question?

Please, call our customer care number. You can talk to us about our Nigeria bulk text message service. Feel free to ask us for what you want today. We are here to serve you. You can call us on the phone if you need more details. We would be glad to help you to enjoy our bulk SMS service.


We send bulk SMS to Nigeria GSM networks. Good customer care support service helps bulk SMS service in Nigeria. 


Telephone Call: +234 703 314 1373 - Monday To Friday | 9:00AM To 4:00PM

Text Message: +234 803 420 7834 - Monday To Sunday | 7:00AM To 11:00PM

E-mail: Visit our contact us page - 24/7


Customer Feedback

Your feedback will help us to improve on our bulk SMS service. It will help in sending text messages and customer care support.

Kindly express your true feelings in the feedback. Thank you for showing interest in our bulk messaging website.

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