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We provide the best, most reliable and affordable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, SmsMobile24.com is a dedicated and reliable platform to buy and send Bulk SMS. We give you discounted SMS prices for Bulk orders, 10 free daily SMS, instant SMS delivery across Nigeria and, 24/7 support service.

Buy SMS on Smsmobile24.com to send online messages 24/7 across Nigeria and discover why thousands of Nigerians are using our Bulk SMS service.

Smsmobile24 sends SMS messages to Bulk GSM numbers. Our SMS Service gives you the Best Value for your money.

We built the most robust SMS gateway to provide you with the best, innovative Bulk SMS platform to serve your needs. Founded on SMS expertise more than Ten years ago, we have swiftly grown into every part of Nigeria.

To meet your needs in Nigeria, we offer Bulk SMS with a high level of service quality.

Sign up for a Bulk SMS account on Smsmobile24.com to join our 98341 satisfied customers in Nigeria and enjoy lower prices you can trust. Unbeatable SMS service!

Most People in Nigeria use our SMS platform based on trust & its simplicity in; Registering an account, Buying SMS and Sending online messages.

We provide a reliable Customized SMS service that you can use to send messages to bulk GSM numbers in Nigeria.

Nigerians love our online SMS gateway in sending bulk text messages because it is fast and reliable.

To use our Bulk SMS Service, sign-up, activate your SMS account and log in to use 3 free SMS.

SmsMobile24 focuses on how to provide you with the best 24/7 online SMS service that cannot fail.

When you start using Smsmobile24 today, you will see the best BulkSMS delivery, top-level support and lifetime SMS validity.

We made our website for users who want to buy SMS in Bulk and send legitimate SMS messages.

When you use our bulk text messaging portal, 99.9% delivery of online SMS is guaranteed.

We provide a flexible SMS API. Easily integrate your SMS account with your application, website or system with our API today. Our HTTP API enables you to send SMS messages from your application when you need to send messages.

Carefully read our Do's And Don'ts now to know and understand how our text messaging portal works when you want to send messages.


The Best & Quality SMS Made Affordable For You Now

The price we charge to send Bulk SMS to GSM numbers in Nigeria includes the price per SMS and SMS charge per page of a text message because the two factors determine the actual cost of a page of an online SMS.
Bulk SMS messages delivery via Smsmobile24.com costs between N1.50 - N2.80 per page of an online text message. The higher the number of Bulk SMS you buy, the lower the charges you incurred in sending Bulk SMS messages to GSM networks in Nigeria.
We charge between N1.63 - N2.43 to send Bulk SMS to MTN numbers. We charge between N2.08 - N3.10 to send Bulk SMS to Airtel numbers. We charge between N1.62 - N2.42 to send Bulk SMS to Glo numbers. We charge between N1.50 - N2.23 to send Bulk SMS to 9mobile numbers.
Pay for quality online SMS from any part of Nigeria and enjoy quick SMS delivery. We provide the best and most reliable Bulk SMS Service now in Nigeria with top support.
You can easily buy as low as 500 SMS in Bulk with N485 on Smsmobile24.com. People know our SMS prices to be the most stable & affordable in Nigeria.
If you want to buy 1000 SMS at 0.85k, you need to pay N850; To buy 100000 SMS at 0.79k, you need to pay N79000; To buy 10million SMS at o.65k, you need to pay N6500000. When you buy more Bulk SMS, its cost becomes cheaper and affordable.
SmsMobile24 is the best SMS provider with a free trial in Nigeria. Buy and send online SMS messages on Smsmobile24.com when you need a reliable BulkSMS platform.
We give you the best Bulk offer of 1000 SMS units for N850 to send Bulk SMS messages in Nigeria.
The best and affordable price you can buy 10000 SMS in Bulk when you register with us now is N8500.
We charge different SMS units to deliver online SMS messages to all the GSM networks in Nigeria. Alternatively, people who need an SMS platform where we charge a flat rate use Bulk SMS Nigeria.

You can easily see our prices and SMS units charge for a page of SMS messages to each network on the PRICING page when you need more details.

Get our bank account details now for SMS payment purposes.

Buy your SMS credit now to send messages on SmsMobile24.Com.


You need to register now on SmsMobile24.Com to buy SMS in bulk and start sending online SMS messages across Nigeria to get the best value for your money. Bulk text messaging registration is FREE in Nigeria.

We also provide 3 FREE SMS units for a trial before using your money to buy our SMS.

You can contact us now or when you need clarification.
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