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We offer the most reliable and cheap bulksmsnigeria service round the clock on SmsMobile24.Com and provide detailed information on how to send bulk SMS @ 85kobo per unit for 1,000 - 99,999 units of bulk SMS.

Everything You Need To Know About BulkSMSNigeria

Our reliable BulkSMS website designed on SmsMobile24.Com for you to send text messages to GSM numbers in Nigeria is tagged BulkSMSNigeria.

We render the cheapest and most reliable customer driven service which comprises Customized Bulk SMS management, Reseller Package, Sender ID Registration and Targeted SMS. Our bulk SMS service oriented gateway focuses on providing 24/7 access and satisfaction to you.

All types of lawful messages are supported on Smsmobile24. Our user-friendly SMS interface has robust features to deliver text message instantly to a large number of GSM subscribers' telephone numbers in Nigeria.

The cost of our bulk SMS is from 0.65kobo to 0.97kobo per unit of SMS, while the quantity of our SMS ranges from 500 to 10 million units of SMS.

You can pay N850 to buy 1000 units @ 0.85kobo per unit of SMS to send text messages to GSM numbers in Nigeria.The number of SMS units you buy will determine the price per unit. The higher the quantity, the lower the price per unit.

Our unbeatable prices will enable you to buy our online SMS at a cheap rate as the required number of SMS units increases. We charge different units of SMS to deliver a page of text message to each of the GSM operators' number prefixes.

Smsmobile24.com's bulkSMS serves you better and helps you achieve more while you spend less. This is a cheap bulksmsnigeria gateway that you need to test.


Bulk SMS Service Charge Per Page of SMS

To know how you are charged for every page of online text message you send on our platform, please go through the information below.

For instance, to get 100,000 units of bulk SMS, which is at the rate of 79kobo per unit, you need to pay N79,000. If you pay N79,000 into our bank account, you will be credited with 100,000 units of SMS to send online SMS to Nigeria GSM numbers. When you send a page of SMS (160 characters) to 1 MTN number, 2.5 units will be charged and deducted from the total of 100,000 units that you are having in your bulk SMS account with us to deliver a page of SMS to the MTN number.

From the example above, to know the cost of a page of SMS, you need to multiply the price at which you buy per unit of SMS which is 79kobo (based on the quantity you buy), by the required units of SMS for MTN number, which is 2.5 units. That is, 0.79 x 2.5 units = N1.97 per page of SMS. You can click "PRICING" to see the table for analysis where we did analysis on the price per page of SMS for the four (4) GSM networks in Nigeria.

Alternatively, we recommend BulkSMSNigeria 247 . Com which is also our bulk SMS website where we charge at a flat rate to 9mobile, MTN and Glo telephone numbers.
You need to register with us and login with your login details (username and password) to send messages on the COMPOSE SMS page by clicking SEND SMS. Bulk SMS account opening is free and it takes less than a minute for a new user to complete the process and start sending bulk SMS on our website.
As a new user, you can send bulk SMS for free, with the free trial units, from any internet-enabled device to mobile telephone numbers in Nigeria. This can be done on our platform from the members' area by clicking SEND SMS to use the 3 free SMS units or by clicking USE FREE SMS" on the Compose SMS page.
We assist our clients in setting up functional online SMS portals and support them in terms of maintenance.
You can buy bulk SMS directly on our BulkSMS platform with your ATM card details or through other means of making payment like cash deposit, cheque deposit or any form of transfer.
We have vast knowledge in sending online text messages across mobile networks in Nigeria. Presently, we have over 84,259 registered online SMS subscribers who depend largely on our SMS as a means of communication. Our bulk SMS company maintains and protects its integrity over the years as the leading text messaging gateway provider.
You will have the best SMS messaging experience on our website by creating a free SMS account with us and start sending your messages based on our Do's And Don'ts guiding instructions.

Bulk SMS Delivery To MTN Numbers Requires Sender ID Registration

Online SMS delivery to MTN numbers requires sender ID registration.

It is now mandatory to register sender IDs before you can get an online SMS message delivered to the MTN numbers in Nigeria. Every sender ID to be used must be registered with MTN. In other words, messages are not delivering to MTN numbers with unregistered sender IDs.

To test SMS delivery on our top notch text messaging platform as a new user, you can use SMSMOBILE or click PRSI to choose a sender ID for your message content and send it to one of your GSM telephone numbers. Once the message is delivered, you can go-ahead to submit sender IDs that you proposed to be using in sending your messages on our platform for registration.

Please, note that sender ID registration does not overrule the existing Do-Not-Disturb (DND) policy.

How To Start Sending Bulk SMS on Our Platform
Enjoy the uniqueness of Bulk SMS Nigeria and fulfill your bulk SMS needs on SmsMobile24.com by becoming one of our users today. Take the vital step now and start using our cheapest text messaging gateway to communicate effortlessly. Sign up for FREE now and get completely free 3 BulkSMS units to test our service.
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