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Buy Bulk SMS online at Smsmobile24.com for cost-effective messaging. Send personalized Bulk SMS to larger audience in Nigeria. Benefit from 98% open rate.

Send Bulk SMS Across Nigeria

Smsmobile24.com is a top provider of bulk SMS. As a result of that, we are offering you unbeatable and affordable options to send SMS messages across Nigeria. Most importantly, we provide free and premium text messaging services 24/7 in Nigeria. Send text messages on Smsmobile24.com to mobile phone numbers and enjoy 100% delivery rate.

How to send bulk SMS on Smsmobile24'.com

To send bulk SMS on Smsmobile24.com, you need to create an online account and follow the steps in the video. In addition, we guarantee instant delivery of messages across Nigeria.

Thousands of satisfied customers use our short message service in Nigeria. Our company cater to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, we have different SMS marketing tools that you can use for your SMS campaigns.

Smsmobile24.com's services are SMS solutions tailored towards fulfiling bulk messaging needs in Nigeria. Our premium bulk SMS services include promotional SMS, Corporate SMS, and Targeted SMS. So, one or two of our services will suit your text messages needs.

You can use our text messaging services to improve customer engagement. This is where SMS marketing campaigns come in. That is to say, the fact that many customers use mobile devices is an added advantage for customer retention. Therefore, customer communications become seamless.

Meanwhile, use any of our SMS services to send promotional messages to the contact list of your target audience at cheap rates. All our SMS services will enable you to send personalized messages to phone numbers in Nigeria.

Start sending bulk messages now to launch your SMS marketing via Smsmobile24.com. Send bulk text message to large number of potential customers. In conclusion, it's cost-effective because SMS has high open rate.

How To Get Started

Buy SMS credit units online. We accept multiple payment options. Our SMS credit does not expire. In other words, your SMS balance remains valid for as long as it takes you to finish it.

Smsmobile24.com is the best and most reliable platform for bulk SMS messaging. In short, it is developed for all SMS communications in Nigeria. 

Sign up with us now and send online message to your contacts. Registration is free. Above all, you get 4 free credits to test our platform immediately.

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