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Pricing Table for Bulk SMS

We made this Pricing Table explicit for you to know the price at which you buy bulk SMS when you need 500 to 10million SMS units upward.

The table shows and explains the price you buy per unit of SMS if the quantity of your choice falls within a particular quantity range.

Quantity Range

(SMS Units)

Price Per Unit

(in Naira)

Cost Range

(in Naira)

500 - 999
0.97Kobo₦485 - ₦969
1,000 - 99,9990.85kobo₦850 - ₦84,999
100,000 - 5,999,9990.79kobo₦79,000 - ₦4,559,999
6,000,000 - 9,999,9990.76kobo₦4,560,000 - ₦7,599,999
10,000,000 - Upward0.65kobo₦6,500,000 & above



Bulk SMS Cost Analysis

Study the cost analysis table below for clarification and a better understanding of how you are charged for a page of SMS to each GSM network in Nigeria. The table will also enable you to know the cost you incur on every page of SMS you send.

GSM OperatorsUnits ChargeCost of A Page @ 79k/Unit
9mobile Nigeria
2.3 units/page79 kobo x 2.3 units = ₦1.81
(per page of SMS)
MTN Nigeria
2.5 units/page79 kobo x 2.5 units = ₦1.97
(per page of SMS)
Glo Nigeria
2.5 units/page79 kobo x 2.5 units = ₦1.97
(per page of SMS)
Airtel Nigeria
3.2 units/page79 kobo x 3.2 units = ₦2.52
(per page of SMS)
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