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The compulsory implementation of Do-Not-Disturb (DND) in Nigeria, by GSM operators, started since 1st of July, 2016. All the GSM operators in Nigeria were given up to the end of the second (2nd) quarter of 2016, by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), to implement the DND 2442 code to allow subscribers who do not want to be receiving unsolicited text messages from GSM operators and bulk SMS platforms to block such SMS text.

DND has been creating a serious problem for GSM subscribers since the day it was implemented in July 2016. In bulk SMS business, the bulk SMS service providers are also facing terrible delivery problem due to the implementation of DND.

Bulk SMS service providers, who manage the bulk SMS platforms where companies, organisations and individuals send messages to the arranged list of recipients, have been playing a very important role in informing bulk SMS customers that Do-Not-Disturb (DND) is the actual cause of the undelivered messages being encountered.

The GSM operators enabled the DND code on their subscribers' numbers without the consent of GSM subscribers. Majority of the GSM subscribers got the information about DND through bulk SMS Nigeria service providers. A very few GSM subscribers heard about DND a few days after it was activated. Some of the GSM subscribers heard about DND a few months after the activation. Numerous bulk SMS users heard about DND within the first two (2) years after its activation. Till this moment, there are still some people who have not gotten any information about DND.

As a result of regulatory issues, MTN Nigeria and other GSM operators like Airtel, 9mobile and Glo are encountering problems with numbers on DND as messages are either delivered with a default sender ID like SMSworks, rNotifyrUpdate, Infiniti or not delivering at all. This reduces the rate of reading bulk SMS text messages as a result of the unknown (default) sender ID and it's really reducing the efficiency and sales.

The problem has also created the movement of bulk SMS customers from one platform to another while looking for a platform where they can get messages delivered to all numbers in their recipients' list (including numbers on DND) which is practically impossible to find as long as the message is sent to Nigeria GSM numbers.

As we mentioned earlier, we also want to use this medium to advise that bulk SMS users should also indicate/add Sender ID in the main content of their message, in a situation whereby GSM operator is having SENDER ID problem which makes messages to be delivered with a default sender ID like SMSworks, rNotifyrUpdate, Infiniti, so that the recipients can easily identify the sender and know the essence of the message.

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