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It is our usual practice to ensure that we make all the important information that will assist our existing and intended bulk SMS users in taking an informed decision on our user-friendly bulk SMS platform without necessarily need to spend so much of their hard-earned money calling our customer care phone number before getting details. This will, as a matter of fact, help anyone on this bulk SMS platform from time to time because this page will be updated as we discover any issue related to the sending of bulk SMS.


Due to the sensitivity of the bulk SMS platform which is determined by the development of the bulk SMS component and configuration of the bulk SMS gateway service provider's platform, we deem it important to call our users' attention to the DO'S AND DON'TS below for hitch-free bulk SMS experience on this platform.


Bulk SMS Nigeria's DO's

1) Click REGISTER to open a bulk SMS account with us on this platform.

2) Use valid e-mail address when filling the registration form.

3) After submitting the registration form, check both INBOX and SPAM box for an activation e-mail to activate your newly created bulk SMS account, and click the activation link just once and then log in with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

4) Use the free units of SMS given to every newly created account to send a page of a text message to a single GSM number to test our bulk SMS delivery.

5) Get our bank account details for payment purposes on the page tagged PRICES.

6) Use your USERNAME to make a cash deposit.

7) Indicate only your USERNAME when you are processing a transfer.

8) Click "Buy SMS" under MEMBERS MENU after login and continue with the process to use your ATM card details for direct payment on this platform. Your bulk SMS account will be automatically credited after completing the process.

9) Send us your PAYMENT DETAILS if you are unable to indicate your username while processing the transfer (like when you are using USSD code to transfer) or if you have not been credited for the payment that you make either through cash deposit or any form of transfer.

 10) Use either 080 or 234 format. The numbers you are sending bulk SMS to must start with the first zeros or start with 234 without the first zeros. For example, 08034207834 or 2348034207834.

11) If you have to do copy and paste, only copy either phone numbers or message content from NOTEPAD (text file).

12) If you have to upload recipients' phone numbers, only upload phone numbers from a text file (Notepad file) to PHONEBOOK.

13) Click on "COMPOSE SMS" under MEMBERS MENU after login to send messages.

14) Separate recipients' phone numbers by comma or put them in column form (one phone number per line).

15) Use maximum characters of 11 alphabets or alphanumeric SENDER ID. Anything more than 11 will be automatically cut off.


Bulk SMS Nigeria's DON'TS

1) Do not pay less than N500 for bulk SMS. The minimum amount we accept as a payment for bulk SMS is N500.

2) Do not use telephone number or any form of number as a SENDER ID. Please, note that your message(s) will not be delivered if you do so.

3) Do not copy message contents and/or recipients' phone numbers from Microsoft Word or Excel to avoid irregularities in message delivery.

4) No matter what happens, do not refresh COMPOSE SMS page after clicking SEND SMS. If your system shows a blank page or the browser continues rolling after clicking SEND SMS as a result of internet connection problem, close the COMPOSE SMS page/window and open a new window to continue using the platform.



Please, note that you cannot get your messages delivered to the numbers on Do-Not-Disturb (DND). However, you get your messages delivered instantly to the recepints' numbers that are not on DND.




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