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We understand all that it takes to decide on a particular line of business to venture into, most especially now that Nigeria and some other countries' economy is in a deep recession. The impact of the current recession on manufacturing and other sectors cannot be overemphasized.

Therefore, SmsMobile24.Com has made a special provision for our bulk SMS users to advertise their products and services on a news website "ElevateNews.Com" that receives visitors mostly from United States, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

This advertising platform will complement our bulk SMS users' efforts towards getting more customers to increase patronage and make more money.



Send your post/advert content with at least an image/a picture for the post, which must be pasted in the email along with the main content, NOT as an attachment mainly because we do not open anything attached to an email, via provision2014 @ gmail . com



Your content must be up to a minimum of 150 words and maximum of 900 words. Such content must be personally written for this purpose, not the content you have already published on another webpage. Copied content from another webpage or content that is less than 150 words will definitely not be published. You can promote as many EVENTS, PRODUCTS and SERVICES as you want on this news website.


It is absolutely FREE.

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