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What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS can be defined as the act of sending a text message to numerous recipients at once from an SMS platform. Bulk SMS platform like www.smsmobile24.com is a tool that enables users to reach their target set of people/group like customers, congregation, partners, members, staff, relations, friends, contractors and the general public with a customized sender ID at a cheap rate.


How can I use your bulk SMS service?

You need to register before you can make use of our service. Registration will take you less than 2 minutes and it is absolutely FREE. Click 'Register'. After the registration, you will be able to access Member area where you will be sending your messages from.


How can I get Free SMS units to test your service?

Once you successfully register, you will see 3 FREE units of SMS to test our bulk SMS service.


How do I send a bulk SMS?

To send bulk SMS on this platform is as easy as ABC. Log in to your account and you will see boxes for "Sender ID", "Destination Numbers" and "Type a Message". Copy and paste or type the phone numbers you want to send the message to, enter your Sender ID, type the message and click "Send SMS". After then, you get the message delivered instantly.


What is Sender ID?

A sender ID is a customised name you want your recipients to see on their phones when they receive your message. For instance, the name you see on the text message you receive from your bank before you open the message to read is your bank's Sender ID. Your own Sender ID could be your personal name, the name of your company, church or school. You can use any name of your choice but it should not include figure/number (alphabets only) and it should not also be more than 11 characters in length.


What is the cost of SMS?

We offer the cheapest prices and a flexible pricing strategy on our Bulk SMS Platform. Our price reduces as the quantity increases. This simply means that the higher the quantity you purchase, the lower the price at which you buy per unit of SMS. Click here to see our price table.


How can I buy bulk SMS units?

After you have reached a conclusion on the volume of bulk SMS units that you want to get, you can instantly purchase bulk SMS units either by using your ATM card details directly on our site or by cash or cheque deposits directly into our Bank accounts. Using ATM Card payment option is the fastest because it is automated. It does not require any human effort before getting your bulk SMS account credited. You have to log in, click "Buy SMS" and continue with the process to make the payment with your ATM card details directly on this platform. To make a cash deposit to any branch of our bankers, please ensure you always write your USERNAME as the depositor name in the space provided for DEPOSITOR'S NAME on the payment slip so that your account can be credited immediately.


Where are your bank account details?

Our bank account details are permanently on the page for PRICES


Is the online ATM card payment secure?

Yes, it is. Our online ATM card payment is powered by VoguePay and it is 99.9% secured. The Voguepay payment processing service is highly secured. Log in to you bulk SMS account and click "Buy SMS" under the MEMBERS MENU on the left-hand-side of the screen to make the payment with your ATM card details.


How long does it take to get my bulk SMS account credited after making payment?

Your bulk SMS account will be credited immediately after your payment is posted by the bank into our bank account. You can follow the step on the Payment Issues page if your bulk SMS account is not credited 15 minutes after making the payment.

If you successfully purchase bulk SMS units directly on our site with your ATM card, your bulk SMS account will be automatically credited.


How long will I use my bulk SMS? Do your SMS units expire?

Our bulk SMS units do not expire. Your balance will remain in your account for as long as it takes you to finish/exhaust it.


How do I know my bulk SMS units balance?

You just have to log in to your bulk SMS account and you will see your balance in units of SMS. You can also click "Compose SMS" from wherever you are on our platform to see your balance.


Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send at a time?

There is no limit. You can send a message to as many GSM numbers as you want at any particular time as long as you have sufficient bulk SMS units to send the messages.


In what format should the bulk numbers be?

The GSM numbers must be in a text file (Using Notepad). Once the numbers are in a text file and they are separated by a comma or arranged in a column form (a number per line), our bulk SMS application will be able to sort the numbers and get your message delivered. Your GSM numbers must be typed in either of the following formats: 0803000000 or 2348030000000. Please do not make a mistake of using the format like 8030000000 or 23408030000000 otherwise your message will not be delivered and you cannot get a refund for the loss of SMS as a result of the wrong format being used.


Why must I enter my GSM number before using your bulk SMS service?

We need your GSM number to update you on your account and to send useful information to you via SMS.


What is the minimum bulk SMS I can buy?

The minimum of bulk SMS units you can buy on our platform is 500 units of bulk SMS.


I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

You will see a "Forgot Your Password?" link directly below the login form, click on it to recover/reset your password. You just need your bulk SMS account's e-mail address to be able to reset your password.


Do you have a Reseller plan?

Yes. You can become one of our resellers and start making an unlimited income that will change everything about you positively. You can click bulk SMS reseller now to get all the necessary details.


I sent a message but it has not delivered. What do I do?

Anytime you send a message and it is taking time to deliver, contact us immediately for support.


What is the meaning of DND?

The full meaning of DND is Do–Not–Disturb. DND started playing out in the Nigerian telecommunication industry since 1st of July, 2016. The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) compelled all the GSM service providers to implement DND on their services to control the excessive unsolicited SMSs. With the implementation of DND, subscribers are given the liberty to opt out of receiving promotional messages for any third-party services such as bulk SMS and other value-added services (VAS). For detailed information on DND, please read this post on Problem Created By Do-Not-Disturb.


How Do I Opt-out/Deactivate my line from DND?

To deactivate DND, click "PRICES" at the top of this platform or click here now and scroll down to the bottom of the page where we have detailed steps that you need to take in order to opt-out your GSM number from DND. Alternatively, you can read this post How To Deactivate Do-Not-Disturb.


Is your question not listed here?

Please call the GSM number provided on our website and we shall be more than pleased to respond to your questions instantly.

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