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After knowing what bulk SMS messaging is about, its benefits and the need to embark on using bulk SMS, the next thing is to know how to send bulk SMS. There are few steps to take before getting your message sent to a list of the recipient(s).


The Required Steps are:

1) Create A Bulk SMS Account - Register a FREE bulk SMS user account on our bulk SMS website.

NOTE: Registration is absolutely FREE on this bulk SMS website.

2) Activate Bulk SMS Account: Log on to your e-mail account to activate the newly created bulk SMS user account by clicking on the activation link in the activation e-mail that you will receive after submitting your registration form.

3) Login To Bulk SMS Account: After the activation, what follows is to enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD to gain access to your bulk SMS account.


4) Test SMS Delivery: To run a test, you just need to make use of the free SMS given to the newly created account to test our bulk SMS delivery by sending a text message of a maximum of 160 characters to your personal GSM number. To do this, you have to click "COMPOSE SMS".


5) Enter Required Details: On the compose SMS page, enter whatever you want the recipients to see when your message is delivered which is known as "sender ID" and it must not be longer than 11 characters which could be alphanumeric but must not be a number/figures. Also type in or paste the recipient's GSM number in the box for "Destination Numbers". The accepted number formats in sending bulk SMS on our bulk SMS platform are 080 or 234. For example, you can send a message to GSM numbers in this format 08030000000 or 2348030000000. If you are sending bulk SMS to multiple numbers, you either put the numbers in column form or separate the numbers by a comma like 2348030000000,234803123456 or 08030000000,0803123456. The next thing to do now is to compose the exact message which you want to send to the recipient (160 characters make a page of bulk SMS just like your GSM text messaging). The more characters you compose, the more the number of pages of SMS you are charged for.


6) Click SEND: The final step to take is to click "Send SMS" and the message will be delivered to the recipient in few seconds.


7) Buy Bulk SMS: If you are satisfied with the test you conducted with the free SMS given to you, the next thing is to purchase bulk SMS in volume which depends on your bulk SMS need.

Please note that the procedures explained above simply show you how to send bulk SMS on our bulk SMS platform, not the procedures you need to follow on another bulk SMS platform.

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