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The world is moving fast, and the most valuable asset is your time. You need to move fast and communicate on the go. You need to reach out to people when you are a corporate house. The more people you reach, the better are your business prospects. If you are an educational or a religious institute, you may need to send some announcements or spiritual messages. Today the technology allows you to reach out to a large number of people through SMS in Nigeria. It creates awareness. Even if you are not a business house, you may need to reach out to certain people to spread some reminders or announcements.

Technology offers you the useful facility of sending and receiving text messages through your cell phone. You can reach out to many people in one go both online and offline. We provide you with Bulk SMS facilities which can be the best marketing tool for your business. Make people know about you through our affordable and fast SMS services. You can be a part of any student group or a workgroup. You need to send reminders or important announcements to many in a hurry. We have the perfect solution for you.

You just need the phone numbers and an account with us to send the messages around. We provide cheapest bulk SMS services at an incredibly low price. You can be sure that you get the best services at the most affordable prices from us. We have various plans according to your needs. You can opt for any of our amazing plans. We provide you with the best prices for bulk SMS in Nigeria. You can always compare, and we guarantee that you will never be disappointed. We make sure that your texts reach fast because time is of the essence. Registering with us is simple and easy.

You get various benefits of using our services. We provide you with the best way to communicate and make your presence felt across the desired circle. We assure you 24/7 of continuous service without any interruptions so that you can use Bulk SMS Nigeria at your convenience.


• The services are reliable and fast

• We have various payment options, and you can always choose accordingly.

• You can reach out the maximum at the most economical prices.

• You can add your signature to your account settings, and it gets featured in every message you send.


We give you much more than the value for your money. You need to register to have your message conveyed to your circle.

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