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Bulk SMS is known to be one of the best marketing tools.  It is defined as the distribution of the large scale of a message to phone terminals.  It is generally used for marketing, reminders and sending alerts.  Having a connection with your customer is also an efficient way of maintaining their loyalty to your business.  Below are some of the benefits that you can have when using bulk SMS as a marketing tool.


Instant, fast and accurate

By incorporating bulk SMS as a marketing tool, you can be sure that your messages in delivered in a fast manner.  You are also sure that the message will be received by your customer.  According to top SMS provider, it will take around 7 seconds before your message will be delivered to your customers, which make the Bulk SMS the fastest marketing tool available in the market.



You can always customise your way of sending a message.  If your message is only targeted to a specific demographic, you can change the setting on how you send the message and just choose the certain demographic on your contact.  You can also send it to everyone with a simple alteration on the settings.  It is also easily integrated with other marketing tools.


Easy Opting out and in

It is easy to opt in and out of the bulk SMS.  The simplicity of the system can maintain the satisfaction of your customer into a higher level since they are not required to perform a complex task to stop the service or to join the service.  On top of it, accepting to receive the SMS update and alert only requires your phone number.  You do not need to share any personal information.


High chance to be opened by your customers

Compared to email notification and services, bulk SMS has a high chance of being opened by the customers.  Based on the survey, almost every SMS message is read by the people that receive them compared to email services wherein a huge fraction of messages are being deleted without opening.


High chance to convert it to action

When information has been disseminated, there is a high probability that a customer will act upon it especially if this is about the latest promotional offers and sales.  According to the research, there is a high chance to convert the bulk SMS into a Call-for-Action compared to other marketing strategies.


Short and precise message

The 160 characters of the bulk SMS may pose a challenge to other companies.  But it is pressuring you to be concise and precise about the message that you want to impart to your customers.  A longer message may bore the customers and in the end, they will refrain from reading the rest of your message.  There may also be irrelevant information that you may include when sending a longer message.  SMS is a perfect way to address your customer without saying things that are not necessary.

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