What You Need To Know About Our Service

Helping our users to disseminate SMS messages for delivery to GSM networks in Nigeria

Nature of Our Service – The kind of intangible product that we offer is bulk SMS which is essentially a communication medium being used by private individuals and organizations to reach out to their recipients. The recipients in this context could be a congregation, friends, students, members, customers, target market, workers, parents, and more.

Bulk SMS Service Coverage – Being an indigenous company that has served our local market for about 9 years, we target and concentrate on Nigeria market. Our SMS platform sends bulk text messages to MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel networks in Nigeria.

Service Availability – Our bulk SMS platform is hosted on the best cloud storage facility in the world. Therefore, it remains operational under normal conditions in order to serve its planned purpose. We are giving you a 99.99% service availability assurance.

Service Reliability – Without mincing words, our bulk SMS service is the most reliable SMS service in Nigeria. We do everything humanly possible to make all the important information that will guide you available on the site. Our platform will send your messages in accordance with the details on the site for as many times as you want.

Our Target Customers – We built our SMS platform for legitimate text messaging purposes. Therefore, businesses, organizations, schools, religious groups, government bodies and private individuals who send legit messages are welcome on our site.

Free SMS Offer – For a new user to test our SMS delivery, we give 3 free SMS units to every newly created bulk SMS account. These SMS units can only be used to send a page of text message to a single mobile phone number for testing purpose.

Service Expiry Date – Our bulk SMS service does not have an expiry date. This simply means that our bulk SMS credit does not expire. Your SMS balance remains valid for as long as it takes you to exhaust the SMS units. Nowadays, bulk SMS service does not have an expiry date.