What You Need To Know About Nigeria

Nigeria is officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is a country in the West Africa region of the world. It shares a border with Chad in the northeast, Benin in the west, Cameroon in the east, Niger in the north. Nigeria consists of 36 States and a Federal Capital Territory situated in Abuja. This is a democratic secular state, according to the constitution. The Federal Republic of Nigeria has two legislative houses which include the Senate with 109 Senators and The House of Representatives with 360 representatives.

Nigeria is generally called the “Giant of Africa” due to its economic potentials and the large population of over 190 million people. Nigeria has the highest population in Africa and it emerges as the word’s 7th highest population. After India and China, Nigeria records the 3rd largest population of youth in the entire world with over 90 million of its population below the age of 18. As of 2015, the world’s 20th largest economy is Nigeria economy. Its economy worth over $500 billion.

The population of Nigeria is a good asset for businesses to have high patronage. There is the ease of doing business in Nigeria and, both local and international investors are maximizing the opportunities.