User-friendly SMS Interface

User-friendly SMS Interface is the term used to describe the interface elements that are put together to build an SMS messaging platform, like SmsMobile24.Com, which focuses on predicting what users might be required to do and making sure that the interface has elements that are uncomplicated to access, understand, and use to ease those actions. User Interface (UI) generally brings together ideas from visual design, information architecture and interaction design.

SMS Interface elements comprise but not limited to:

  1. Navigational Components: icons, search field, tag, breadcrumb, pagination, slider
  2. Informational Components: message boxes, tooltips, modal windows, notifications, progress bar.
  3. Input Controls: Radio buttons, date field, buttons, toggles, dropdown lists, text fields, list boxes, checkboxes.

SmsMobile24.Com’s interface is described as being user-friendly for the following reasons but not limited to:

a) The Interface is simple – We made our SMS interface almost invisible to the SMS users. Unnecessary elements were avoided and the language used is clear on labels and in messaging.

b) Consistency and Use of Common User Interface (UI) elements – Our users feel more comfortable and are enabled to quickly get things done mainly because we used common elements in UI. Patterns were also created in design, language and layout throughout the site to assist in facilitating efficiency. User is able to transfer the skill, once the user learns the process of doing something, to other parts of the website.

c) Texture and Colour are Strategically Used – We use texture, colour, contrast and light to our advantage in directing attention toward or redirect attention away from items.

d) Our Platform Gives Situation Report – The system informs users of errors, changes in state, location and actions. We use various User Interface (UI) elements to communicate status and, if need be, next steps can lessen frustration for users.