Unlock SMS Bulk Appeal

There are many ways to unlock SMS bulk appeal to enjoy bulk SMS packages, and this applies to a variety of users from companies to schools, banks to government departments, political parties to public utility services.


On average, every company will have to relate with customers and suppliers for a start. Then add service providers in terms of outsourced security, cleaning service providers, staff and other stakeholders. With SMS bulk packages, keeping in touch with any or all of these stakeholders is like child’s play. At affordable and low-cost options, it is cheap to utilize SMS as a means of contacting those you want at intervals or month-ends.

Notifications can be sent for new product offerings, transaction alerts, promotions and much more can be sent to mobile phone numbers, and you can rest assured that the messages would have been delivered as intended.


Schools and other educational institutions have needs for SMS bulk packages to reach students and their service providers. Most schools have to relate with a variety of persons like cleaning staff, suppliers, parents, and guardians of students and a host others. While it might not be the routine to keep in touch with students, other stakeholders might require routine messages from time to time.

Notwithstanding the need for the contact, the important thing is that SMS bulk packages provide a cheaper alternative to reach people and pass across the message intended when necessary. Impromptu messages can be sent to students or their guardians if the occasion warrants such developments.


Banks normally ask customers to fill and checkboxes on notification forms in order to indicate interest in the mode of transaction alerts of preference. Transaction alerts are one of the regular messages to expect from banks, and they are activated each time there is a transaction of any kind on your bank account.

At other times, a notice can be sent to your phone from your bankers to alert you that your ordered cheque-books are ready or that a transaction has taken place on your account from an unusual location. This is normally a security feature to let you know of such incidence.

Political Parties

For political parties, there are seasons of elections and politicking that they cannot allow to go unnoticed. The series of gubernatorial elections holding across the country call for targeted messages to be delivered to voters in order to win their votes. Winning votes always have to do with persuasion and sometimes what persuades Mr A might not work on Ms B and vice-versa.

In general, what political parties do is stay in the consciousness of the voter and one way to do that is to deploy SMS bulk campaigns every now and then.