The Attractiveness of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is widely used across different sectors of the economy for a variety of uses and the huge subscriber numbers recorded by mobile phone companies make it an attractive option to pass the needed information to targeted users.

Business, public sector agencies, and other organizations find Bulk SMS easy to use for the purpose of reaching their target audience.

The following are some of the attractiveness of bulk SMS;

Easy Installation

Bulk SMS is easy to install, and it does not require sophisticated technology or knowledge for it to be deployed. The availability of laptops, desktops or a compatible mobile device makes it easy for it to be set up. Most people who are able to use a mobile phone will find it easy to deploy Bulk SMS for their promotion or outreach efforts.

A Few minutes of orientation will enable a first-time user to deploy Bulk SMS for the purpose of marketing, sensitization or stakeholder updates.

High Mobile Phone Base

The high mobile phone usage statistics positions Bulk SMS as a veritable tool for mass promotion and easy dissemination of data or information to target groups. The productive demography across the country is connected to one mobile phone network or the other, and this makes it easy to reach out to any target group as intended. Any business or organization will find it attractive to explore as messages sent will be delivered directly to the intended recipients without any hitch.

Cheap to Use

The relatively cheap cost of purchase and access makes Bulk SMS an attractive option. For promotional purposes, companies can be assured of the delivery of their intended details to the target groups at such low rates that make traditional media appear overpriced.

The feature that makes it possible for the user to have a range of packages to choose from makes it user-friendly. People who might need large units have the option of buying as they require while those who are not heavy users can buy to suit their usage demands.

Provides Direct Contact

Bulk SMS makes it possible to reach a large percentage of the population at the same time with so much ease. Unlike traditional media that requires a process and requirements of bureaucracy to be deployed for promotion or information dissemination, Bulk SMS enables the user to reach out directly to the recipient as soon as the messages are sent out and in a matter of seconds.

An existing contact list is what is required to populate the recipient field in your messages and as they are sent out, people across the country and of different descriptions, are able to access the messages and act on them.