Solution To DND Delivery Problem

As we all know that the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) policy is a Nigerian Communications Commission’s policy which compelled telecom operators to implement and activate 2442 code to stop the menace of unsolicited messages. DND was introduced, for the first time in the history of Nigeria, on July 2016.

This has become a major challenge in bulk SMS Nigeria business since over two (2) years ago. Some bulk SMS service providers had it so rough to the extent that they were frustrated out of the business while many bulk SMS customers lost a higher percentage of the money spent in acquiring bulk SMS, resulted from undelivered messages to the number on DND.

Before this moment, we expected the majority of GSM subscribers to have taken the necessary steps to opt-out their numbers from DND based on the options made available by the telecom operators. To our greatest surprise, it seems the level of DND awareness is low and it has made it lingered beyond what we envisaged.

As a result of this, we decided to find a solution to the DND issue by building a new bulk SMS platform which can be used to provide an alternative to our esteemed customers so that they could get their messages delivered to both the numbers on DND and those numbers that are not on it. The provision of this alternative has immensely assisted some of our bulk SMS customers in getting their messages delivered to all their contact list. This alternative solution is made available on

BulkSMSServices.Net is the new bulk SMS platform designed as an alternative solution which our users on, who are interested in getting their messages delivered to the numbers on DND, can use. This provision is not about bypassing telecom operators’ system because it is an option made available to the bulk SMS gateway service providers by the operators that are interested in it. It is a legal route and that is why we considered using it.