SMS in Nigeria Trends

The depth of mobile penetration in Nigeria is at an all-time high and people across the country and in far-flung hinterlands have all found a voice with the use of mobile phones.  The common uses of the mobile phone are voice calls and SMS in Nigeria. People who own a mobile device use it for a variety of purposes which range from internet banking to mail service, gaming and chatting.

The low cost of SMS in Nigeria means that people who use prepaid services are able to control their spend limits and buy airtime only when they need to use a service. Others who can afford the cost of postpaid service register for the premium package and they can settle the bills on a monthly or weekly basis as the terms and conditions dictate.

The different telecommunication service providers have their applicable shortcode that those who have run out of airtime can use to request a call-back. Such SMS are delivered at no cost and using this service can help people to request for top-up from friends, family or associates. The widely communal spirit that still pervades across the country makes it easy for this practice to flourish.

Another way that Bulk SMS in Nigeria plays out is the facilities put in place by telcos that enable mobile phone users to add a number of people usually 1 to 5 in their family and friends group. This ensures that you can send free SMS to members, and make zero-rated calls to group members and stay in touch irrespective of where they might be.

The facilities put in place by telcos ensure that people can query the weather service, get sports update, check on job vacancies, visit chat rooms and query their bank transactions by deploying SMS in Nigeria. The use of SMS helps in places where calls might be impossible or completely out of place. If you are in a meeting, you can afford to send a message by SMS instead of working out and disrupting the flow at such times.

Each mobile service company works with some third-party service providers to explore online dating via SMS and other live chat modules with some preset metrics that help users locate their love interests as they wish. Some people have found love by using the services of this description and the fact that it is affordable means that many are encouraged to be part of it. All these afforementioned advantages make SMS in Nigeria Trends.

The deployment of 4G and higher technologies have improved internet access across the country and people able to go beyond SMS to multimedia messages in the urban centers and educational institutions. The young, old and elderly have all found a common point by deploying the capabilities of SMS in Nigeria across facets of their daily life.