Cheap Bulk SMS Service

Using SMS to send message to your clients is a very convenient way of spreading the new company promotion and offers as well as any updates about the company.  But unfortunately, there is a strict rule that is prevailing in the industry and some of the SMS may be considered as spam.  This means that when using the service of Cheap Bulk SMS to promote your business, you should be careful so the system will not record it as spam.

When using Cheap Bulk SMS as a marketing tool, you must see to it that the message will be simple since the tool is also simple.  One thing that can ensure the effectiveness of the message is to keep it short as much as possible.  If you are using Cheap Bulk SMS to promote the discount on your restaurant, remember to focus on your product that you really want to promote.  Bear in mind that when the customer accepted to receive an SMS notification about your restaurant then that means they are interested in your product.  Here are some additional tips when using Bulk SMS as a marketing tool.

Choosing the provider

When choosing a provider that will offer you the SMS Marketing service, consider their capability in handling the amount of traffic.  They should also provide the service at a rate that you can afford.  It is also essential to talk to the service provider about the legal issues.  If you don’t feel comfortable about the service provider, it is better to leave and look for other Cheap Bulk SMS provider.  You should also talk to them about the current state of your company and ask them about their method in incorporating the Bulk SMS with your marketing strategy.  You should also make sure that the provider has the ability to send SMS to your targeted area.

System Integration

You should also make sure that the system can easily be integrated with the software that you are utilizing.  WordPress and Drupal have a plug-in for Bulk SMS.  Integrating the SMS service into your website may be the more convenient way of sending the updates and offers to your clients and customers. But in the instance that you do not want to use your website, the service provider has its own web interface where you can manually enter the names and contact number of your customers.  Also, see to it that you will open the possible issues and problems that may arise in the future before acquiring their service.


When everything is in place now, it might be the perfect time to send your first text.  The first SMS that your client would receive should be polite.  Tell the reason why they are receiving the SMS message.  There will be people who will ask to be removed out of the service.  This matter is to be expected; the only important thing is to make sure that your message is being delivered to those who want to get it.