How To Deactivate Do-Not-Disturb

How To Deactivate Do-Not-Disturb (DND) On MTN, Glo, 9mobile And Airtel In Nigeria

As we all know that bulk SMS Nigeria platforms have been battling with bulk SMS messages’ delivery problem since more than 2 years ago as a result of the implementation of Do-Not-Disturb (DND) by GSM operators.

The solution to Do-Not-Disturb (DND) which blocks GSM phone number from receiving bulk SMS messages is specified here.

Simply follow the information as provided below by GSM operators in Nigeria.

To deactivate DND on any 9mobile (Etisalat) number, Text START to 2442.

To deactivate DND on any MTN number, Text ALLOW to 2442.

To deactivate DND on any Glo number, Text CANCEL to 2442.

To deactivate DND on any Airtel number, Text ALLOW to 2442.

DND deactivation takes 24 hours to complete the process. In other words, you will start receiving bulk SMS messages from any bulk SMS platform 24 hours after following the deactivation process.

Please note that all the GSM operators imposed DND without the subscribers’ consent. However, the good news is that you can still confirm by sending STATUS to 2442 to know if your number is on DND or not.

Solution To DND Delivery Problem

As we all know that the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) policy is a Nigerian Communications Commission’s policy which compelled telecom operators to implement and activate 2442 code to stop the menace of unsolicited messages. DND was introduced, for the first time in the history of Nigeria, on July 2016.

This has become a major challenge in bulk SMS Nigeria business since over two (2) years ago. Some bulk SMS service providers had it so rough to the extent that they were frustrated out of the business while many bulk SMS customers lost a higher percentage of the money spent in acquiring bulk SMS, resulted from undelivered messages to the number on DND.

Before this moment, we expected the majority of GSM subscribers to have taken the necessary steps to opt-out their numbers from DND based on the options made available by the telecom operators. To our greatest surprise, it seems the level of DND awareness is low and it has made it lingered beyond what we envisaged.

As a result of this, we decided to find a solution to the DND issue by building a new bulk SMS platform which can be used to provide an alternative to our esteemed customers so that they could get their messages delivered to both the numbers on DND and those numbers that are not on it. The provision of this alternative has immensely assisted some of our bulk SMS customers in getting their messages delivered to all their contact list. This alternative solution is made available on

BulkSMSServices.Net is the new bulk SMS platform designed as an alternative solution which our users on, who are interested in getting their messages delivered to the numbers on DND, can use. This provision is not about bypassing telecom operators’ system because it is an option made available to the bulk SMS gateway service providers by the operators that are interested in it. It is a legal route and that is why we considered using it.

Do-Not-Disturb Implementation

In Nigeria, the mandatory implementation of the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) by the telecoms operators took effect since July 01, 2016. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had earlier gave all the telecoms operators in Nigeria up to the end of the second quarter of the year (June 30) to switch on the DND 2442 code to enable any subscriber who does not want to receive unsolicited SMS from the operators to bar such messages.

Prof Umar Danbatta, NCC’s Executive Vice Chairman had told the telecoms operators in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja that effective date for compliance remained July 01, 2016.

NCC’s Executive Vice Chairman said huge sanctions awaited any operator that did not comply with the directive after July 01, 2016. He said NCC would work tirelessly to put in place various policies and strategies that would enable it to make the telecoms operators answerable to all their misdeeds.

Daily Trust reported that MTN Nigeria is the only telecoms operator that has so far complied with the new directive. A day before the implementation day, the telco sent SMS to most of its subscribers to join the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) list if they do not want to receive unsolicited SMS for marketing or campaign messages.

Engr. Gbenga Adebayo, the Chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) told journalists then in Abuja that all their members would abide by the NCC directive on the 2442 code.

Most Unfortunate Thing About DND Implementation In Nigeria

It had been a serious challenge on the part of GSM subscribers since the implementation of DND in July 2016. The bulk SMS service providers too were not left out in the trouble that befell the participants in bulk SMS business.

The management of Bulk SMS Nigeria platforms, where GSM subscribers send messages to the arranged and planned list of their recipients played a vital role in making their bulk SMS customers realize that DND is the cause of numerous undelivered messages being experienced.

Unknowingly to the majority of GSM subscribers, the telecoms operators activated the DND code on their numbers without the subscribers’ consent. Most of these subscribers got to know about DND through bulk SMS service providers. Some subscribers got to know about DND a few days after its implementation. A number of subscribers got to know about it a few months after the implementation. Many got to know about it like 1-2 years after its implementation while there are still some people who have not heard anything about DND till this moment.

How To Find SMS Service

As a business, it is important to ensure that you can be able to reach your target customers when carrying out marketing campaigns. Bulk SMS service providers enable you to do just that while keeping costs as low as possible. Just as the service is named, bulk SMS services involve sending out a huge collection of messages to a huge number of recipients with added convenience. This service is also cheaper as compared to sending out single SMS messages to one recipient at a time.

Below we will take a look at some of the main factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best bulk SMS service from the available variety.


As a small business, it is essential that you stay on top of all costs. The cost of sending out bulk SMS communication to existing and potential clients is usually lower than the cost of using regular SMS messages. However, it is important to note that different bulk SMS service providers usually charge varying rates for different packages. Make sure that you carefully go through the available packages offered by different service providers so as to choose the best provider as per your needs and the cost of the service.

Network Coverage

Different clients usually use the services of different mobile telephone network providers. To ensure that your bulk SMS messages have been delivered to all recipients, it is vital that you use a bulk SMS service that works across all networks where the recipients are located. This also ensures that you do not have to seek the services of different service providers to fulfill your marketing objective.

User-Friendly Platform

It is important to note that once you have chosen a bulk SMS service provider, you will want to use it flawlessly and conveniently. The best bulk SMS service platform allows users to import all their contacts effortlessly on to the database. Additionally, the platform should allow users to preview messages before they are sent to ensure that there are no errors whatsoever.

Other Features

Other features to look for when comparing bulk SMS service providers include message responses. It is vital that all sent messages be delivered, and their responses are visible. As such, it is recommended that you choose a provider whose platform communicates the delivery status of each message as well as the responses from clients in a clear format. This enables you to conveniently communicate any responses as well as keep up with the delivery status of each message.

Keeping the above considerations in mind will help you find the best bulk SMS service provider suited to your specific needs. This will allow you to enjoy effective and reliable SMS communication at all times.

Cheap SMS Options in Nigeria

Cheap SMS refers to a mobile messaging service, which allows companies and entrepreneurs to send bulk SMS to thousands of their customers effectively and quickly. This type of service is oftentimes used within the marketing sector as a very effective means of conveying information as well as other related details such as discounts, special offers as well as freebies to customers.

There is a lot of messaging service types. Among them, a short messaging service (SMS) is the most convenient option available. It is fast, simple and reliable. At times, if we are not able to contact a particular person with a call, we might end up several other calls just to make sure that we reach that person. Under those circumstances, Cheap SMS can be used in order to convey the necessary information efficiently, thus avoiding waste of time.

Reliability and Coverage

Most companies offering Cheap SMS have good coverage in Nigeria. However, most often, checking the coverage is not the only thing that you need to look for. Reliability is very important in this case. For instance, you may also want to check whether the company is equipped with a reliable backup just in case the primary route becomes blocked. When selecting a provider, it is very important to consider the operators providing the services.

Products and Services

A good company offering Cheap SMS provide a wide variety of functions and features with the services that they provide. There are also extra features that you may want to expect, including the delivery status and messaging scheduling. A reliable company may also offer a two-way messaging system, allowing customers to follow-up on your messages effectively. With these extra features, you can save money in the long run because the data is available readily.

Customer Service

Aside from making sure that you have everything covered, it is also important that the company offering Cheap SMS provides a good customer service to potential customers. This is to make sure that any inquiries are handled in a very effective way. There are different forms of customer services that various companies offer. It may include chat support, email service, and even simple FAQs on their websites. The goal of these customer service support options is to assist customers whenever they need it.

Bottom Line

In this very challenging modern world that we are living in, it is very important to stay ahead of the game. While others still choose to go by the traditional route, choosing Cheap SMS provider as part of your marketing strategy can prove to be a very effective option for your business. Do not ignore this aspect and you will certainly see the difference that it can bring.

Unlock SMS Bulk Appeal

There are many ways to enjoy SMS bulk packages, and this applies to a variety of users from companies to schools, banks to government departments, political parties to public utility services.


On average, every company will have to relate with customers and suppliers for a start. Then add service providers in terms of outsourced security, cleaning service providers, staff and other stakeholders. With SMS bulk packages, keeping in touch with any or all of these stakeholders is like child’s play. At affordable and low-cost options, it is cheap to utilize SMS as a means of contacting those you want at intervals or month-ends.

Notifications can be sent for new product offerings, transaction alerts, promotions and much more can be sent to mobile phone numbers, and you can be rest assured that the messages would have been delivered as intended.


Schools and other educational institutions have needs for SMS bulk packages to reach students and their service providers. Most schools have to relate with a variety of persons like cleaning staff, suppliers, parents, and guardians of students and a host others. While it might not be the routine to keep in touch with students, other stakeholders might require routine messages from time to time.

Notwithstanding the need for the contact, the important thing is that SMS bulk packages provide a cheaper alternative to reach people and pass across the message intended when necessary. Impromptu messages can be sent to students or their guardians if the occasion warrants such developments.


Banks normally ask customers to fill and checkboxes on notification forms in order to indicate interest in the mode of transaction alerts of preference. Transaction alerts are one of the regular messages to expect from banks, and they are activated each time there is a transaction of any kind on your bank account.

At other times, a notice can be sent to your phone from your bankers to alert you that your ordered cheque-books are ready or that a transaction has taken place on your account from an unusual location. This is normally a security feature to let you know of such incidence.

Political Parties

For political parties, there are seasons of elections and politicking that they cannot allow to go unnoticed. The series of gubernatorial elections holding across the country call for targeted messages to be delivered to voters in order to win their votes. Winning votes always have to do with persuasion and sometimes what persuades Mr. A might not work on Ms. B and vice-versa.

In general, what political parties do is stay in the consciousness of the voter and one way to do that is to deploy SMS bulk campaigns every now and then.

Cheap Bulk SMS Service

Using SMS to send message to your clients is a very convenient way of spreading the new company promotion and offers as well as any updates about the company.  But unfortunately, there is a strict rule that is prevailing in the industry and some of the SMS may be considered as spam.  This means that when using the service of Cheap Bulk SMS to promote your business, you should be careful so the system will not record it as spam.

When using Cheap Bulk SMS as a marketing tool, you must see to it that the message will be simple since the tool is also simple.  One thing that can ensure the effectiveness of the message is to keep it short as much as possible.  If you are using Cheap Bulk SMS to promote the discount on your restaurant, remember to focus on your product that you really want to promote.  Bear in mind that when the customer accepted to receive an SMS notification about your restaurant then that means they are interested in your product.  Here are some additional tips when using Bulk SMS as a marketing tool.

Choosing the provider

When choosing a provider that will offer you the SMS Marketing service, consider their capability in handling the amount of traffic.  They should also provide the service at a rate that you can afford.  It is also essential to talk to the service provider about the legal issues.  If you don’t feel comfortable about the service provider, it is better to leave and look for other Cheap Bulk SMS provider.  You should also talk to them about the current state of your company and ask them about their method in incorporating the Bulk SMS with your marketing strategy.  You should also make sure that the provider has the ability to send SMS to your targeted area.

System Integration

You should also make sure that the system can easily be integrated with the software that you are utilizing.  WordPress and Drupal have a plug-in for Bulk SMS.  Integrating the SMS service into your website may be the more convenient way of sending the updates and offers to your clients and customers. But in the instance that you do not want to use your website, the service provider has its own web interface where you can manually enter the names and contact number of your customers.  Also, see to it that you will open the possible issues and problems that may arise in the future before acquiring their service.


When everything is in place now, it might be the perfect time to send your first text.  The first SMS that your client would receive should be polite.  Tell the reason why they are receiving the SMS message.  There will be people who will ask to be removed out of the service.  This matter is to be expected; the only important thing is to make sure that your message is being delivered to those who want to get it.

Cheap Bulk SMS Provider

Using Cheap Bulk SMS Provider provides you an opportunity to make huge savings on your promotional cost and publicity overhead cost with clearly determinate areas of interest and consideration. There are a number of people who make use of SMS promotion packages on a regular basis, but they do not know what to do to find a means of reducing the cost of their regular forays. While a number of factors can be responsible for this, no one can enjoy the benefits of anything that he does not well or clearly understand.

Here are a few vital points to note on using the cheap bulk SMS provider:

Cost Reduction

Many people easily lose track of ways to make easy savings because they fail to note that in every circumstance that needs to be resolved, it is easier to begin from the known rather than the unknown. Sending messages to customers, clients or stakeholders on a regular basis can be costly if you use your normal mobile phone platform instead of bulk SMS services. Working with the cheapest bulk SMS provider will enable you to buy SMS bundles with exciting discounts and at rates that are lower than what your telco will offer you.

You can use optional Platforms

A few bulk SMS users might be oblivious of the fact that when you buy SMS bundles, you can easily deploy them on any platform like mobile devices, desktops or laptops. With simple to install features, sending bulk SMS cannot be any easier when you patronize cheap bulk SMS provider.

The easy part is that no need arises for sophisticated computer knowledge to populate your recipient field, which you can manually fill or copy and paste your recipient numbers. Once you succeed in sending one message, the numbers are retained on the SMS message app, and you can always reuse when next you intend to send messages.

Variety of Packages

For SMS users who are not using the platform for business purposes, it might mean that you can buy denominations that suit your user type. But the chance arises to send bulk messages with the festivities, and you will find the SMS app useful during the season. With many people connected with mobile phones, it is easy to reach them with SMS and share the goodwill for the season.

Since anyone can buy SMS bundles for their personal use, with a mobile device, you can use the SMS app, send messages as you require and keep in touch always with loved ones. With such a ready–to-go feature, making the best use of the cheapest bulk SMS provider will save you money and keep you updated.

Reliable SMS in Nigeria

Bulk SMS is known to be one of the best marketing tools.  It is defined as the distribution of the large scale of a message to phone terminals.  It is generally used for marketing, reminders and sending alerts.  Having a connection with your customer is also an efficient way of maintaining their loyalty with your business.  Below are some of the benefits that you can have when using SMS in Nigeria as a marketing tool.

Instant, fast and accurate

By incorporating SMS in Nigeria as a marketing tool, you can be sure that your messages delivered in a fast manner.  You are also sure that the message will be received by your customer.  According to top SMS provider, it will take around 7 seconds before your message will be delivered to your customers, which make the SMS in Nigeria the fastest marketing tool available in the market.


You can always customize your way of sending a message.  If your message is only targeted to a specific demographic, you can change the setting on how you send the message and just choose the certain demographic on your contact.  You can also send it to everyone with a simple alteration on the settings.  It is also easily integrated with other marketing tools.

Easy Opting out and in

It is easy to opt-in and out of the SMS in Nigeria.  The simplicity of the system can maintain the satisfaction of your customer to a higher level since they are not required to perform a complex task to stop the service or to join the service.  On top of it, accepting to receive the SMS update and alert only requires your phone number.  You do not need to share any personal information.

High chance to be opened by your customers

Compared to email notification and services, SMS in Nigeria has a high chance of being opened by the customers.  Based on the survey, almost every SMS message is read by the people that receive them compared to email services wherein a huge fraction of messages are being deleted without opening.

High chance to convert it to action

When information has been disseminated, there is a high probability that a customer will act upon it especially if this is about the latest promotional offers and sales.  According to the research, there is a high chance to convert the SMS in Nigeria into a Call-for-Action compared to another marketing strategy.

The Short and precise message

The 160 characters of the SMS in Nigeria may pose as a challenge to other companies.  But it is pressuring you to be concise and precise about the message that you want to impart to your customers.  A longer message may bore the customers and in the end, they will refrain from reading the rest of your message.  There may also be irrelevant information that you may include when sending a longer message.  SMS is a perfect way to address your customer without saying things that are not necessary.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

Whether companies intend to entice their customers or align with all their employees, bulk messaging has become an effective platform for constant communication. If you’re considering whether this highly affordable investment is worth your while, check the benefits of searching up Bulk SMS Nigeria and see how they can improve your coordination processes today.

Knowing About Bulk SMS Nigeria

Bulk Messaging is a tool used to send out large volumes of messages towards a company’s target recipients. Think of it as a quick, informational forecast that can reach the phones of an organization’s employees, customers, and other stakeholders. With the use of a software solution, a series of scheduled messages can already be sent to the various numbers, which are encoded and generated.

Consistent and Personalised Messages

By sending text messages, recipients can readily get informed in a more personal way. Mobile phones are fast becoming more personal extensions of people, which is why receiving messages via cell phones will give opportunities for businesses to further establish connections with their customers.

In getting recipients informed or keeping employees on their toes, it is also important for consistency to be established. This is where a look upon Bulk SMS Nigeria comes in handy. You can make sure you are consistently within reach, and even encourage interaction or responses by mentioning your contact details as part of your messages.

Instant Digital Memos with a Bulk SMS Nigeria Search

If you have roving salespeople or various selling outlets, you can instantly send them price advisories and other operational details to get them updated. This way, no employee will be left out and feel less inspired as you use bulk messaging as one of the tools in reaching out to them. Search Bulk SMS Nigeria and see how, at the lowest rates, you can already keep everyone in the loop towards progress.

Send your bulk messages at specific parts of the day, and you will have better chances of aligning your employees towards your organization’s short and long term goals.

Searching for Bulk SMS Nigeria as Part of Your Promotional Tools

Bulk messaging will come in handy for your latest promotions such as price discounts or holiday packages. To make sure they will not appear as spam to your customers, always update the quality of messages depending on your database of contacts. You can also allow for contacting options, so you will see which types of messages will stimulate the most number of customers.

Look up Bulk SMS Nigeria and consider whether a provider also has customized packages, depending on the number of messages on a specific number of recipients within a whole day. Bulk messaging has numerous benefits for an organization to stay connected with its customers. Search for Bulk SMS Nigeria and see how they can improve your business today.

A Tool for Business Marketing

In Nigeria, just like in the case of other countries, marketing plays an important role in business operations. It is undeniable that such will help to get the word out and hence, will be vital in being able to captivate the attention of the target market. Through the years, several methods have been introduced for marketing strategies, each with a varying level of effectiveness. Among others, one that can prove to be best would be cheap bulk SMS. In a time wherein smartphones are being indispensable in our daily lives, SMS marketing becomes more vital for businesses.

When to Use SMS Marketing

There are many instances wherein a business can use cheap bulk SMS for its marketing strategies. For instance, if there is a shop that is opening anytime soon, sending out text messages can help in order to attract people. More so, when a business is going to introduce new products and services, such as those that are seasonal, cheapest bulk SMS services can also prove to be helpful. If there are on-going promotions, such as an upcoming sale, SMS marketing will also be instrumental towards being able to disseminate information.

How It Can Benefit the Business

Amongst the wide array of benefits that can be possibly reaped from cheap bulk SMS, the most significant is pretty much obvious – cost-effectiveness. There is no need to spend a fortune in traditional mediums of marketing. Especially if you have a small business, text messaging can be an excellent choice for marketing. Most companies providing cheapest bulk SMS will have flexible packages that can be perfect for your marketing goals and budget.

Speed is another factor that makes cheap bulk SMS popular. In a few minutes, you can send out information to hundreds and even thousands of customers. There is no need to invest too much time before you can finally send out promotions.

The high open rate of SMS is also a benefit that is worth noting, specifically as against email marketing. When a person receives a text message, chances are, it will be immediately opened, regardless of who the sender this. This is unlike in the case of emails wherein most people would not open emails from unknown senders because of the fear that such can lead to virus infiltration.

Given these benefits, there is no doubt why many businesses are already using the cheapest bulk SMS services. Nonetheless, to be confident that these benefits can be reaped, it is paramount to work only with the right company. With such, SMS Mobile 24 is one of the best options that can be considered. The latter is known for their affordable, reliable, and quick SMS distribution services.

Common Users of Bulk SMS

Companies and organizations have realized that with a mobile phone database of stakeholders, customers or clients, they can embark on effective direct marketing using the platform of Bulk SMS in Nigeria. This is one cost-effective way of accomplishing a targeted promotional effort across the country for your organization or enterprise.

Let us look at the organizations that commonly use Bulk SMS in Nigeria;


Companies use Bulk SMS in Nigeria to reach their customers or client with details of new products launch, services disruption or other updates. There are other ranges of activities that they use this for like, recruitment process awareness notification, business promotion, and seasonal discounts.

They also use the platform to send out a notification for the availability of periodic reports to suppliers and customers. The timely delivery on this platform makes it attractive to most companies.

Financial Institutions

All Financial Institutions use Bulk SMS in Nigeria for a variety of purposes. When customers open new bank accounts, they fill in their phone numbers in their account opening forms they submit at the service providers. When verification of details is completed, SMS notifications go to such customers to alert them of the activation of their accounts.

Other services that are delivered through SMS by Financial Institutions include notification of transactions like deposits, withdrawals, charges or standing orders. When strange transactions take place like the use of Prepaid or Credit cards at new locations, notifications are also sent out.

The banking population in Nigeria has been ascertained to be about 25 million as of August 2015, and with this number growing, more use will be found for Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are very vibrant across the country with several positions up for the contest at different times of the year. The political parties and their allies deploy Bulk SMS in Nigeria to send messages to their constituents across the country to canvass for votes.

You find that in campaign seasons, one recipient can get up to five messages a day and in a country where the mobile phone user tally is already about 100million, this is a huge market to explore.

Government Organizations and the use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Service rendering government departments like utility companies and immigration services process transactions for millions for Nigerians daily, weekly or monthly. Bulk SMS in Nigeria is one medium they use to convey approval, discrepancy or update notifications to the citizenry.

Many people apply for new facilities, change their residence or renew existing contracts with these organizations. The tally of work done through Bulk SMS in Nigeria is expansive for many public sector organizations that incorporating them into the article might be an unrealistic take for a single publication.

The Needs For Bulk SMS

When it comes to sending out messages to a large number of people in Nigeria, you can use a bulk SMS Nigeria package. Whether you are sending religious, political, marketing or any other type of messages you can rely on a variety of options, however choosing bulk SMS Nigeria offers some essential benefits that make it a great option for the sender. Our bulk SMS packages are designed to provide you with the best fit as per your needs. To help you appreciate the need for using this service, we have compiled some of the important benefits of using bulk SMS Nigeria.


One of the most important benefits of using bulk SMS Nigeria is the fact that the service is cheap. Sending messages to a large number of people is more affordable as compared to other modes of communication. This affordability is especially important for small businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts on a budget. The cost of the bulk SMS Nigeria service is usually determined by the number of SMSs you want to send as well as your membership level. However, it is important to note that no matter the package you choose, the cost incurred is relatively affordable.

Fast Communication

Another important benefit of using bulk SMS Nigeria is the speed of transmission. No matter the number of SMS messages you are looking to send out, the transmission is always in a few seconds. As soon as you are finished entering the message and the list of recipients you can be sure that the messages will be transmitted in seconds. This makes bulk SMS Nigeria one of the best tools of sending out last-minute information and notifications to the recipients.


Bulk SMS Nigeria users have a great chance of engaging the recipients and getting feedback from them if need be. Users can include a reply code or phone number to ensure that recipients can be able to share their feedback. This is especially important for businesses looking to engage their customers and create a better customer relationship.

No Filter

When using bulk SMS Nigeria, it is highly likely that the delivered message will be read by the recipient. There is no way to filter SMS messages as is the case with email communications for instance. This means that senders can be able to send messages with the confidence that most will reach their intended destination.

Our bulk SMS Nigeria service is designed to help you send a huge number of SMS messages to your targeted recipients at the most affordable cost. The above benefits highlight why this service is great for a variety of communications and applications as per your needs.

SMS in Nigeria Trends

The depth of mobile penetration in Nigeria is at an all-time high and people across the country and in far-flung hinterlands have all found a voice with the use of mobile phones.  The common uses of the mobile phone are voice calls and SMS in Nigeria. People who own a mobile device use it for a variety of purposes which range from internet banking to mail service, gaming and chatting.

The low cost of SMS in Nigeria means that people who use prepaid services are able to control their spend limits and buy airtime only when they need to use a service. Others who can afford the cost of postpaid service register for the premium package and they can settle the bills on a monthly or weekly basis as the terms and conditions dictate.

The different telecommunication service providers have their applicable shortcode that those who have run out of airtime can use to request a call-back. Such SMS are delivered at no cost and using this service can help people to request for top-up from friends, family or associates. The widely communal spirit that still pervades across the country makes it easy for this practice to flourish.

Another way that Bulk SMS in Nigeria plays out is the facilities put in place by telcos that enable mobile phone users to add a number of people usually 1 to 5 in their family and friends group. This ensures that you can send free SMS to members, and make zero-rated calls to group members and stay in touch irrespective of where they might be.

The facilities put in place by telcos ensure that people can query the weather service, get sports update, check on job vacancies, visit chat rooms and query their bank transactions by deploying SMS in Nigeria. The use of SMS helps in places where calls might be impossible or completely out of place. If you are in a meeting, you can afford to send a message by SMS instead of working out and disrupting the flow at such times.

Each mobile service company works with some third-party service providers to explore online dating via SMS and other live chat modules with some preset metrics that help users locate their love interests as they wish. Some people have found love by using the services of this description and the fact that it is affordable means that many are encouraged to be part of it.

The deployment of 4G and higher technologies have improved internet access across the country and people able to go beyond SMS to multimedia messages in the urban centers and educational institutions. The young, old and elderly have all found a common point by deploying the capabilities of SMS in Nigeria across facets of their daily life.

The Essence of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a perfect marketing tool that helps you to promote your business, your products and services through a simple text message. You can benefit from the cheap bulk SMS because you can contact your customers and follow up new leads that might open more opportunities for your business. Running a business requires aggressive marketing, using the available marketing tools. Using SMS to keep in touch with your customers is one way of ensuring you maintain your business and promote your product in the competitive market.

How do you operate the Bulk SMS Service?

The main benefit of using the cheapest bulk SMS is time and cost. Time is always against you, and if you can find a way to communicate to your clients within the shortest time possible, you will be one step ahead. Therefore, when you want to use bulk SMS service, you just log into the portal and type the message. Thereafter, paste the numbers of your recipients and then press send. You will receive an instant report on the delivery. Therefore, you can monitor the recipients because you will have all the details.

If you want to use the cheapest bulk SMS service to notify the customers about a new product, you will only go into your database and retrieve their contacts. As mentioned earlier, Bulk SMS service is cost-effective because you will have a chance to communicate with the customers at a very low cost. Therefore, you can send texts to as many customers as you can without worrying about the cost because the service will only cost you 0.65 kobo per SMS. When compared to other services, this is the best deal.

Most importantly, this cheapest bulk SMS service is available in all networks. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the network. It is effective, and it operates across all networks. Whether you are contacting the customers on GSM, CDMA or international networks, the recipients will get your SMS within five minutes. As long as you have the contacts, there is no reason why you should not capitalize on SMS marketing.

Once you subscribe to the cheapest bulk SMS services, you can receive a reply from the recipients. Therefore, you can send the text to the customers and receive their response. If you want to take your business to another level, you can use media marketing in order to receive their feedback. Advertise the contact number that the customers can use to get back to you. Moreover, take advantage of your website to promote this number. This will help you establish a platform where you contact the customers, and they give you their feedback.

Ultimately, the success of your business depends on how well you market your product. The cheapest bulk SMS service is a perfect tool to reach out to your customers and follow up on new leads.

The Attractiveness of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is widely used across different sectors of the economy for a variety of uses and the huge subscriber numbers recorded by mobile phone companies make it an attractive option to pass the needed information to targeted users.

Business, public sector agencies, and other organizations find Bulk SMS easy to use for the purpose of reaching their target audience.

The following are some of the reasons why Bulk SMS is attractive to users;

Easy Installation

Bulk SMS is easy to install, and it does not require sophisticated technology or knowledge for it to be deployed. The availability of laptops, desktops or a compatible mobile device makes it easy for it to be set up. Most people who are able to use a mobile phone will find it easy to deploy Bulk SMS for their promotion or outreach efforts.

A Few minutes of orientation will enable a first-time user to deploy Bulk SMS for the purpose of marketing, sensitization or stakeholder updates.

High Mobile Phone Base

The high mobile phone usage statistics positions Bulk SMS as a veritable tool for mass promotion and easy dissemination of data or information to target groups. The productive demography across the country is connected to one mobile phone network or the other, and this makes it easy to reach out to any target group as intended. Any business or organization will find it attractive to explore as messages sent will be delivered directly to the intended recipients without any hitch.

Cheap to Use

The relatively cheap cost of purchase and access makes Bulk SMS an attractive option. For promotional purposes, companies can be assured of the delivery of their intended details to the target groups at such low rates that make traditional media appear overpriced.

The feature that makes it possible for the user to have a range of packages to choose from makes it user-friendly. People who might need large units have the option of buying as they require while those who are not heavy users can buy to suit their usage demands.

Provides Direct Contact

Bulk SMS makes it possible to reach a large percentage of the population at the same time with so much ease. Unlike traditional media that requires a process and requirements of bureaucracy to be deployed for promotion or information dissemination, Bulk SMS enables the user to reach out directly to the recipient as soon as the messages are sent out and in a matter of seconds.

An existing contact list is what is required to populate the recipient field in your messages and as they are sent out, people across the country and of different descriptions, are able to access the messages and act on them.

The Best Choice for Your Business

For any type of business, maybe it is considered as a start-up or one that is already established, having an effective technique in marketing is very important. With the advent of stronger competition, taking advantage of bulk SMS services is your call for the day. With this type of service, you can easily send thousands of messages to your potential customers at a single click without having to type your message over and over again.

The Advantages

As a company, your primary target is certainly to get the most out of a technique with only spending minimal amounts in order to keep the margin of profit for your business. Bulk SMS services are one of the most widely used strategies by different marketers because it can help in reaching out to a huge number of a potential customer base in a very short period of time. Advertising through SMS leads the race because it is cost-effective and quick, thus being able to promote your company, including your products and services in a very efficient way.

These days, people bring along with them their mobile phones wherever they go. As a result, it has become easier to reach to several thousands of clients and customers. For bulk SMS services, a special type of software is being used which can make the business operation go smoothly. This type of service has become a growing trend. Companies that use it have positively recorded more profits and higher sales.

It is not really feasible for different markets to send messages individually to different customers in their database. Thanks to the power of bulk SMS services, it is now possible to do so. While a lot of companies who have not yet used this service are quite hesitant to see what it can provide, a lot can also testify to the fact that indeed, it is very useful. Sending these promotional messages through the mobile phones of your potential customers can make your job a whole lot easier and can also provide the assurance of the higher level of success in the field needed.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for a way to advertise your company, including your products and services, bulk SMS services are the best option that you can take. It is most effective when combined with other types of techniques, but this alone can make a difference in the way you handle your business. Marketing is a very important aspect of your business – one that should never be compromised. By making sure that you make good use of bulk SMS services, you have a weapon at hand that you can use in order to promote your business accordingly.

SMS Bulk Purchase Deals

Many people are used to the convenience of Mobile Phones across the country, and they have adopted them as a vital part of life. Receiving calls, messages and other notifications, form a larger part of the role that mobile phones play in the life of an individual. SMS Bulk services and package deals help a lot of people, organizations, and companies to meet their communication demands on a daily basis.

SMS Bulk purchase deals have helped to cut down the on the average expenses that these organizations deploy to other mass media channels. This should be understood from the standpoint of the relevance of direct marketing opportunity, that mobile phones have afforded many corporate organizations across the country.  The ease, with which a contact can be reached on any promotion through SMS, makes it attractive for the average marketing executive.

SMS Bulk purchase deals also provide an opportunity for people to reduce their overall cost of SMS promotions as a range of benefits come with its use. Every buyer gets a chance to make savings on per unit cost when an SMS Bulk purchase package is concluded. Like most products in the marketplace, bulk buys and acquisition are always advantageous not just in possible discounts but also in rebates that they receive in loyalty points.

Every SMS Bulk purchase translates to savings that are implied from the number of retail buys that you would have done without the bulk deal. A customer, who buys SMS Packages in retail units, incurs a cost in respect of possible commuting, time spent, delays and additional charges on multiple transactions by his financial service provider or banker. In essence, SMS Bulk buys will eliminate some associated repetitive cost per transaction that a company or an individual incurs for every new transaction initiated.

There are savings made in terms of opportunity cost each time you run out of the needed airtime or SMS units needed for a transaction. Retails buys expose you to the risk of running out of existing packages faster than SMS Bulk buys do. You are able to have better scheduling control over your promotional messages or notifications when you have a package of SMS Bulk purchase.

There is a better chance of planning and control on reorder levels, budget and allocation of resources when you have an SMS Bulk buy arrangement for your company or organization. It saves not just in monetary terms but also in possible goodwill and spontaneous opportunities when you can plan your messaging and promotional efforts with SMS Bulk packages.

From your pattern of usage to determination of usage per month, you are sure to take hold of every part of your promotions with an SMS Bulk buy arrangement in place.

Cheap SMS Provider in Nigeria

SMS Mobile 24 has gained a reputation as the cheapest bulk SMS provider in Nigeria. Even with the emergence of new names within the competition, the company guarantees that its price is going to be the most affordable that you will ever find. With this, it does not come as a surprise that it is the preferred choice of many small businesses or clients who do not have the luxury of financial resources to spare. As the cheapest bulk SMS provider in the country, it proves that you do not have to spend too much to be able to enjoy top-notch service and extensive reach.

Cheapest Bulk SMS Provider for your Business

There are many instances wherein you will be looking for the cheapest bulk SMS provider. Among others, it would be for your business, especially for the purpose of marketing. If you are promoting a new business, if you would like to achieve better brand awareness, or if you would like people to know about your latest promotions, including new products and services, bulk SMS will prove to be an effective tool. It is also excellent for customer relationship management and for lead generation. It will allow you to get in touch with your clients through a medium with a high open-rate, guaranteeing success.

Bulk Text Messaging for Educational Institutions

If you manage an educational institution, you might also find the need to be working with the cheapest bulk SMS provider. This will provide you with the capability to send a text blast to students, parents, employees, and other stakeholders when there are relevant announcements that should be made, including class suspensions and academic activities. This will guarantee to have an extensive reach while making sure that information will be received in a manner that is timely.

Spread Spiritual Messages with Bulk SMS

Religious organizations will also be amongst the sectors that will benefit from the services of the cheap bulk SMS provider. It will be possible to send spiritual and inspirational messages to people on a daily basis without having to spend huge. This is a good way to spread positivity and to ensure that people will remain faithful. It is also a good way to send announcements about upcoming gatherings or other activities.

Reach Voters with Bulk SMS

When the election campaign starts, candidates will be in an incessant quest towards different means to reach the voting population. In this case, one of the best ideas that can be taken into account is working with the cheapest bulk SMS provider. They can help you to send text messages to thousands of people in an instant. This will help to increase awareness about your candidacy, and hence, increasing the probability of generating more votes.