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We observed on the "Message History" page that some messages were sent more than once and we also did our findings which made it known to us that the issue is an internet connection related problem.

As a result of this, we STRONGLY advise users, who have had his/her message sent twice or more or users who just feel like playing safe, to Schedule messages to be sent in the next 5 minutes or more instead of sending it directly/immediately to take a risk of the message being sent twice or more which could be caused by internet downtime. 

If you schedule your message, your internet connection will not be required to send the message(s). With this, you will be 100% safe from getting your message delivered twice or more. You can click "How To Schedule Bulk SMS" here or at the top of the site if you don't know how to schedule messages.



In case you are sending a message to a particular phone number and you are seeing "Message sending failed", please note that such number is on "Do Not Disturb" DND.

Any number on DND will not be able to receive messages from bulk SMS websites. Meaning that the number on DND will still be receiving; messages from other GSM numbers, messages from banks for transaction notifications, messages from shortcode service providers and messages from GSM service providers. DND only affects messages from bulk SMS websites.

The owner of a number on DND will have to personally opt-out the number from DND by following the required steps as stipulated by GSM service providers. Such a number will be able to receive messages from bulk SMS websites 24 hours after completing all the required steps.

To opt-out of DND, you can click on "PRICES" at the top of this page and scroll down to the bottom of that page to see the required steps which you need to follow. Alternatively, click DND here to get to the page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to follow the steps.



We want to use this medium to inform all Diamond bank customers who want to transfer money into any of our bank accounts for bulk SMS to be aware that transaction notification for transfers initiated from Diamond bank account will not show your USERNAME if you indicate it while processing the transfer. Though, we have seen some transfers from Diamond bank that showed few characters (less than 7 characters) and cut off the remaining part of the indicated user's name, depending on the transfer option, which is not enough to show the complete USERNAME of most users.

Therefore, we STRONGLY advise users, most especially, Diamond bank customers to send us payment details after making a transfer.

Thanks for your patronage.

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