Bulk SMS In Nigeria

Bulk SMS Nigeria - Cheapest, Affordable and Reliable

Bulk SMS Nigeria - Cheapest, Affordable and Reliable

We welcome you to our cheapest bulk SMS platform where you experience fast, reliable and affordable bulk SMS service. We understand how important it is to effectively communicate and reach out to other people like never before. There is always a serious time constraint which stands in your way. The lasting solution to your dilemma lies with an affordable Bulk SMS service provider that gives you a fast website to reach a wide set of people within the least possible time. We make sure that your message gets the widest reach in the fastest way. The services come at a minimal price that you will be happy to afford. Give your business the right exposure it needs. Send an important announcement fast to all the people in your group through our services.


You can open an account with us, and it is absolutely free. You will be surprised to see the various lucrative packages which we offer. For regular users, we have the minimum package of 500 units @ 0.97kobo per unit of SMS. The prices get better if you subscribe to our VIP membership. You buy a minimum of 500 units of bulk SMS @ 0.79kobo per unit of SMS. We offer the cheapest bulk SMS to all our bulk SMS users and resellers.

Please, note that the least volume of bulk SMS we sell is 500 units. That is, payment for less than 500 units of bulk SMS will not be attended to.

Every individual has the needs and all size never fits all. We offer customized packages for you. Our company offer divergent price rates for Bulk SMS Nigeria for each GSM networks. We decided to use this pricing concept to ensure that you are billed according to your usage. We believe in providing you service without any interruptions 24/7. We also have other sites on CheapestBulkSMSinNigeria.Com and CheapestBulkSMSinNigeria247.Com to make sure you get the deals that suit you the best. The 3 bulk SMS sites will surely increase your options to opt for a reliable and cheapest SMS service at your convenience.

The calculation of total SMS length. We calculate the rates per SMS page. The total number of characters in a page of SMS is always fixed. Our platform also has the option of adding a signature to your account. The signature is appended to every message you send on our cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria platform.

The main Message is entered in the Compose SMS box on the Compose SMS page. The number of characters in your Signature box will be considered if you are using Signature Content. You can go to your Account Setting Page and save or modify the signature content.


Payment options made easy

You can choose from our variety of payment options. We ensure that you are never short of alternatives in this area. You can decide to use ATM card details to make payment directly on the site via Voguepay. You can also choose from ATM Transfer, Internet Banking Transfer and Cash Deposit when you want to make payment. Please note that we are also accepting Mobile Money Transfer as part of our numerous ways of making payment.


Cash Deposit - Important Points to remember

Steps to follow in order to make error-free cash payment for Bulk SMS and get your account credited immediately:

  • Note down both our GTBank or Zenith Bank account details that are provided on our page for pricing tagged “OUR PRICES”.
  • Make sure that you clearly write your Username in the space meant for Depositor Name while you are filling the deposit slip in the bank.
  • Please ensure that you use capital letters to write your Username on the bank slip to avoid unnecessary confusion
  • As soon as the payment enters any of our bank accounts, the bulk SMS equivalent will be credited to your Bulk SMS account.
  • You will receive an automated e-mail and text message from our end notifying you that your account has been credited with the amount.


You can also make use of Online Banking Transfer

  • Type your Username in the space for REMARK/PURPOSE/ NARRATION/REFERENCE while processing the transfer (depending on the bank you are transferring from). For example, the space you can put your username when transferring from GTBank is tagged "REMARK".
  • Your Username is the only identification on our website.
  • Use this example, suppose your username is BIZ4YOU. Type BIZ4YOU in the space for REMARK/PURPOSE/NARRATION/REFERENCE.
  • Your bulk SMS account will be credited after confirming the payment.


Buy SMS Pay Online Via Third-party Payment Processor (VOGUEPAY)

We also accept VOGUEPAY as a means of making payment by making use of your ATM card details to complete the transaction process. This payment option is 100% automated. That is, it does not require human effort to get your bulk SMS account credited. You automatically get your bulk SMS account credited immediately after completing the payment process. What you just need to do is to click "BUY SMS" or "BUY SMS Pay Online" which you can easily see on the left side of the site.


In case you see "Card provided has expired" while trying to use your ATM card to make payment via Voguepay on our site, what you just need to do is to ENSURE that you DELETE the expiry date that appears after you enter/select the card number of the card you want to use in making the payment and also ENSURE that you PERSONALLY type your card's EXPIRY DATE. Your transaction will be successful once you use your own hand to PERSONALLY type the expiry date.

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