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SMSmobile24 - Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria

We offer the most reliable and Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria to all our users and resellers. You can buy Minimum of 100 Bulk SMS @ 0.80kobo per SMS as our VIP Member or minimum of 1,000 Bulk SMS @ 0.93kobo per SMS as our usual user.


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We also have other reliable and cheapest bulk SMS websites in Nigeria on CheapestBulkSMSinNigeria.Com and CheapestBulkSMSinNigeria247.Com where you are rest assured of 24/7 uninterrupted delivery services. We manage three (3) different bulk SMS websites mainly to satisfy individual needs through pricing concepts. We offer different prices and different units of SMS charged for a page of text message to GSM, CDMA and international networks on each of our bulk SMS website.



1) MAIN message: The main message is the message you enter in the COMPOSE SMS box on the compose SMS page.

2) SIGNATURE contentsYour signature contents are the characters that are entered and saved in the SIGNATURE BOX on the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page.

The total character length of the main message and the total character length of the signature contents (only if you put anything in the signature box) will determine the character length of the message composed which also determine the total number of pages of SMS composed.


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