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Bulk SMS Nigeria | Text Message | Send Bulk SMS At 65kobo/Unit

We welcome you to our cheapest bulk SMS Nigeria platform where you experience fast, reliable and affordable bulk SMS service. We understand how important it is to effectively communicate and reach out to other people like never before via bulk SMS service.


Are you looking for a professional bulk SMS Nigeria text messaging platform? SmsMobile24.Com is the answer to all your bulk SMS service needs in Nigeria, with an exemplary delivery to all GSM networks. This is a unique and professional bulk SMS Nigeria text messaging platform that has robust user-friendly features. We have over 8 years experience in managing bulk SMS websites in Nigeria. Our bulk SMS platform is rated as the most effective and highly efficient bulk SMS website in Nigeria with unbeatable records in terms of user-friendliness, reliability, speed, delivery and users' mission accomplishments.


There is always a serious time constraint which stands in your way. The lasting solution to your dilemma lies with an affordable and guaranteed Bulk SMS service provider that gives you a cost-effective bulk SMS website to reach a wide set of people within the least possible time. We make sure that your text message gets the widest reach in the fastest way.


Using bulk SMS in Nigeria, "With 186 million inhabitants", is an added advantage to all the bulk SMS service users, especially users who required Bulk SMS service for business purposes. The needs for Bulk SMS service in our day-to-day activities have necessitated the global acceptance of text message. The best online, as well as an offline marketing tool of the present 21st century, is Text Message, which is also referred to as, SMS.


This is the best and most reliable bulk SMS website where users can confidently send bulk SMS in Nigeria without fear of not getting text messages delivered. Users have absolute trust and confidence in the reliability of our bulk SMS service. The delivery rate on our bulk SMS website is 100%. No shortfalls in delivery on our bulk SMS gateway. Send a text message today on our bulk SMS Nigeria platform and your message will be delivered to the recipients immediately.


Our bulk SMS service comes at a minimal price that you will be happy to afford. Give your business the right exposure it needs via text message. Send an important announcement fast to all the people in your group through our bulk SMS service. Effectiveness and efficiency derivable in using bulk SMS Nigeria platform like ours have made bulk SMS a prominent and brilliant marketing tool being used by most organizations and individuals.


Bulk SMS Service Solutions

SmsMobile24 is the leading bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria that offers all your bulk SMS text messaging needs with highly efficient bulk SMS infrastructure. We are providing excellent, fastest, reliable and cheapest bulk SMS service in Nigeria. We guarantee instant bulk SMS delivery to all GSM networks in Nigeria. Our professional bulk SMS service can be deployed for the following purposes: Launching, Love Text Messages, Birthday Invitation, New Year SMS, Friendship SMS, Valentine SMS, Burial Ceremony, Coronation Ceremony, Award-winning ceremony, Promo Text Messages, Meeting notification, Customer notification, I Love You SMS, Political Awareness/Campaign, Result Notification, Romantic Text Messages, Interview Notification, Sweet Love SMS, Special season’s greetings, Product Advertisement, Wedding Invitation, etc.


You can open an account with us, and it is absolutely free. You will be surprised to see the various lucrative bulk SMS packages which we offer. We offer the cheapest bulk SMS to all our bulk SMS resellers and users.


Please, note that the least volume of bulk SMS we sell is 500 units. That is, payment for less than 500 units of bulk SMS will not be attended to.


Every individual has the needs and all size never fits all. We offer different units charge for you. Our company offers divergent price rates to each of the GSM networks. We decided to use this pricing concept to ensure that you are billed according to your usage. We believe in providing you with excellent bulk SMS service without any interruptions 24/7.


How To Buy Bulk SMS - Payment Options Made Easy To Buy Bulk SMS

You can choose from our variety of payment options. We ensure that you are never short of alternatives in this area. You can decide to use ATM card details to make payment directly on the site via Voguepay. You can also choose from ATM Transfer, Internet Banking Transfer and Cash Deposit when you want to make payment. Please note that we are also accepting Mobile Money Transfer as part of our numerous ways of making payment.


Cash Deposit - Important Points To Remember

Steps to follow in order to make error-free cash payment for Bulk SMS and get your account credited immediately:

  • Note down our GTBank or Zenith Bank account details that are provided on our page for pricing tagged “PRICES”.
  • Make sure that you clearly write your Username in the space meant for Depositor Name while you are filling the deposit slip in the bank.
  • Please ensure that you use capital letters to write your Username on the bank slip to avoid unnecessary confusion
  • As soon as the payment enters any of our bank accounts, the bulk SMS equivalent will be credited to your Bulk SMS account.
  • You will receive an automated e-mail and text message from our end notifying you that your bulk SMS account has been credited with SMS equivalent.


Pay For Bulk SMS Online

You can also make use of Online Banking Transfer

  • Type your Username in the space for REMARK/PURPOSE/ NARRATION/REFERENCE while processing the transfer (depending on the bank you are transferring from). For example, the space you can put your username when transferring from GTBank is tagged "REMARK".
  • Your Username is the only means of identification on our website.
  • Use this example, suppose your username is BIZ4YOU. Type BIZ4YOU in the space for REMARK/PURPOSE/NARRATION/REFERENCE.
  • Your bulk SMS account will be credited when your payment reflects in our bank account.


Buy Bulk SMS Pay Online Via Third-party Payment Processor (VOGUEPAY)

We also accept VOGUEPAY as a means of making payment by making use of your ATM card details to complete the transaction process. This bulk SMS payment option is 100% automated. That is, it does not require human effort to get your bulk SMS account credited. You automatically get your bulk SMS account credited immediately after completing the payment process. What you just need to do is to click "BUY SMS" or "BUY SMS Pay Online" which you can easily see on the left side of the site under MEMBERS MENU.


Bulk SMS Payment Issues

There are various ways of making payment in Nigeria and our company accepts all the available means of making payment in Nigeria. As we all know, different payment related issues are inevitable in this type of business, especially where the customer's username is required to credit the bulk SMS account.

As a result of this, we have simplified it on this platform by making it possible to know the step to take if you have any payment issue.


Major Bulk SMS Problem in Nigeria

The most disturbing problem in bulk SMS business in Nigeria is the implementation of Do-Not-Disturb (DND) by GSM service providers. DND affects bulk SMS delivery. We present detailed information on our blog page titled Problem Created By Do-Not-Disturb (DND) In Nigeria Bulk SMS Service.

To ensure that our bulk SMS customers and recipients take informed decision in solving bulk SMS delivery problem that was caused by DND, we also published on our blog page How To Deactivate Do-Not-Disturb (DND) On GSM Networks In Nigeria.


How Can Your Business Make Use of A Bulk SMS Service?

The following examples are provided below with typical ideas on how bulk SMS messaging delivery can be fully maximized to add more value to your interaction with customers.

  • Keep customers up-to-date - keep your loyal customers in the loop and make them feel so important.
  • Send reminders – today’s customers are always on the move and need timely and reliable information from businesses and services they interact with. Sending such quick reminders can help you improve customers’ perception of your organisation.
  • SMS marketing improves sales - market new products and services directly via bulk SMS and increases purchase rate.
  • Send alerts if there is any problem your clients should be aware of – Should your customer’s service issue that can have a direct impact on the clients, you can quickly notify them to avoid possible inconveniences. Customers will appreciate such information since they are helpful and prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

Bulk SMS service is not a service that is limited by the size of one’s business. Bulk text messaging service can be used by companies of all sizes. If you have not tried this form of communication with your clients yet, you should definitely give it a trial in order to feel the effectiveness and easiness this form of interaction will provide for you.

Tailor your bulk SMS Nigeria messages with SmsMobile24.Com’s cost-effective customizable and reliable bulk text messaging.



The easiest and most convenient way to send bulk SMS/text messages will be explained for the benefits of our intended users. The main thing that is required is an internet enabled device which could be a mobile device or a standard computer (laptop or desktop).
To know how to send bulk SMS on this platform, the steps below are required to be followed:
1st StepClick "Register" or "Create an account" fill-in your personal details, Password and confirm via CAPTCHA that you are human not a robot before you submit the bulk SMS account opening form.
2nd StepLook out for an activation email in your email inbox or spam/junk box in which you see the activation link to click in order to activate your newly created account.
3rd StepAfter the account activation, log-in with your username and password. You will see a pop-up message that will avail you the opportunity to add your telephone number and date of birth before you can start sending messages.
4th StepClick "Compose SMS" under MEMBERS MENU, by the left-hand-side of the screen if you are using a standard computer.
5th StepOn the compose SMS page, enter SENDER ID (it must be alphanumeric and maximum of 11 character length). In the next available space, you will also have to enter the recipient(s) telephone number(s) which you need to separate by a comma in case you are sending to multiple numbers. It is advisable you also include your personal telephone number to confirm delivery. And then type or paste your message content in the third box. Finally, click "Send SMS" and you will get the message delivered instantly on the recipients' telephone numbers.
To send bulk SMS is easy, simple and straightforward. You can send bulk SMS after a successful registration to a minimum of one phone number by pasting comma-separated number(s) in the space for Destination Numbers, type the message in the message space. Also, put your customized sender ID in the Sender ID space. Then, click Send SMS to get your message delivered.
It is very important to note that the steps to take on how to send bulk SMS are not the same on all the bulk SMS platforms.

Ready to start using guaranteed bulk SMS Nigeria PlatformRegister for a free account to test our platform and send bulk messages to your clients/customers/subscribers/congregation, etc with ease.

Our platform is scalable and supports any volume of messages, whether it is just 1 or millions.  You can send bulk SMS to as many recipients as you want, depending on your bulk SMS account balance in your account with us. You can also visit our Bulk SMS blog page to get additional information.


Sending text messages on SmsMobile24.Com is a worthwhile experience. We promise our bulk SMS service users a long-lasting bulk SMS Nigeria text messaging relationship. Your mission accomplishment is our success. Do business with us today so that we can be part of your success story. You can get answers to some of your questions on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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